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Welcome to Smeargle's Studio Workshop! This thread can be used to request images for various threads and projects around the forums in order to make them more appealing and/or stylish. If you're planning to create a thread or a project, or already have but wants something to improve the OP, then drop a request here and see if anyone's willing to help out! And if you're an artist with either time on your hands or a desire to help out around the community, then this place is definitely for you!

then please read this

- This thread can be used to request images, banners, or logos for threads that are used to engage the community in various ways, tournaments, a project with a certain goal, or something to promote a continuous discussion (for example: The Next Best Thing, Viability Rankings, a new Other Meta). This is the wrong place to request banners and images for:
  • Team Logos
  • Rate My Team threads
  • Trade Stations
  • Pet Mods
  • Other applications that are either highly personal, unrelated to Smogon, or generally shortlived
If you're someone who needs something for the above list, you're better off contacting an artist personally if you desire an image for such a purpose. If you're looking for art to go with an article or page on Smogon's website, use this thread.

- Be as detailed as you'd like with the requests. While there are some artists that may have ideas of their own to tackle your request, I can assure you that the majority of our artists appreciate if they have suggestions on what Pokemons you'd like in the picture, what they should be doing, what the text should say, or any other detail that brings the point home.

- Be patient. If your request hasn't seen any activity in a day or two, then that's completely normal. You're free to make another post to 'bump' your request if it's urgent or if it's been three days with no sign of someone taking it. If time's not an option for you, then you might want to consider contacting an artist personally about your task, or visit our Discord channel to see if someone there is available.

- Be reasonable. You clearly have an image in your head of what you'd like, so if the image you get doesn't quite get there, be aware that someone took their time and efforts to make this for you. Granted, you still get to decide whether or not to use it, but when you get something made for free, it's difficult to demand a high standard. Naturally, if you have some critique or suggestions on how to improve the submissions, then go ahead and say so. Communication!

- Credit the artist in the place the image is used. This is common courtesy and the only compensation you can give them for the work they'd put in for you. Don't disrespect them.

- New rule since 2018/12/02: If no one responds to a request in a month, it will be removed from the below list of open requests, and you'll be contacted that it's been removed.

- Please make sure you include a link to the thread you'd like art for. This helps with archival purposes and helps Staff keep track of who's made what for which thread.

- If you're requesting tournament art: Make a request here well in advance, preferrably weeks before the event starts. If it's discovered that the Sign-Ups thread is already up, your request may become removed. We ideally want the banner to be part of the tour since the beginning, since the banner or logo is what may encourage people to sign up, as well as giving exposure to the artist's work to all the visitors checking the tour out. So while we acknowledge that certain tours don't have much leeway when it comes to the date they're announced, do realise that the exposure is one of the rewards for making these banners, and that announcing the tour without the art removes a large part of the incentive for creating a banner in the first place.

Template for requesting art:

Requester: x
For: x
Art Direction: x

Template for requesting tournament art:

Requester: x
Tournament name: x
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): x
Art Direction: x

then check this out

- You do not need to be an approved artist or have an art badge to contribute to this, this is open for everyone! That said, these artworks will be used to represent our community, where the quality of the image will always reflect upon the material or activity it's used with. So in order to create a good first impression, let's make these images stand out!

- You do not need to be a typography ace to help. You do not need to use typography or lettering AT ALL. Cool images are more than enough. If some text would really be beneficial to the image, odds are that two or more users can collaborate on one image together!

- You also do not need to finish work to post it in this thread. PLEASE flood this thread with WIPs, sketches, scribbles, discussion, helpful critique for others, and feedback if you can. The goal is that we have cool stuff when all is said and done, and we are in this together. No need to spend a million hours refining something you're unsure of.

- When in doubt, share early, share often. Following that, you do not need to work alone. If you'd like to collaborate with another artist or artists (doing lines, colors, effects, or anything else) you are invited to do so as long as everyone involved is cool with it. Artists who would like help, please feel free to link to your documents in this thread.

- Don't use another artist's work without their permission! This only applies to graphical art where pre-existing art is used. Official art for the Pokemon games, along with any art made for Smogon's articles or media submissions, can be used without permission. If we find out that you used someone's art without their consent, your contributions might end up unused and you'll receive an infraction for ignoring this rule.

- Based on the contributions in this thread, badges may be rewarded! Art badges are given to individuals who repeatedly contribute with artwork of good quality, while the community contributor badge can be given to anyone who provide good advice and solid critique to the submitted images and WIPs. If you feel you deserve a badge, feel free to contact Kaiju Bunny with links to your posts or artwork, and we'll see if we've simply overlooked you or if there's still something preventing you from being badged. For those who are already badged, we will whole-heartedly appreciate any contribution you can give to this cause. Naturally, all artwork will be credited accordingly.

- Art direction is NEVER set in stone; if you have a better idea than what's listed, you are encouraged to do that instead. That said, keep in mind that those who made the request will ultimately decide if they want to use the image you made. If you want to be on the safe side, then communicate! PM them, write a message on their profiles, hunt them down on IRC, and then see if you can reach an agreement.

If you have additional questions, either ask them to me or just write them down in this thread. Now that this is out of the way, let's get to work!

Current Requests

Requester: Tuthur
Tournament name: ZeroUsed World Cup
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): 25th March 2024
Art Direction: Use SV ZU Pokemon on the art. Featuring a globe / the earth would be great to represent the world cup.
Request made: March 16th
being worked on by: DaWolfKid
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Completed Requests

Requester: RODAN
For: Quote Database Thread
Details: A goofy librarian, or anything else related to storage.
Image: By Arhops

Requester: Arikado
For: RBY LC Other Meta
Details: Something featuring Gastly, Abra and/or Slowpoke.
Image: By Arhops

Requester: Pikachuun
For: Type Remix
Details: What I would like to see would be some of the normal OU threats (Aegislash and Talonflame) with their new typings (Water/Fighting and Fire/Water respectively), along with the words Type Remix in the center.
Image: By Arhops

Requester: Audiosurfer
For: Turbomons
Details: Somethin that communicates the urgency involved with the metagame (it's just playing with a supershort timer basically) is the best bet. like maybe 2 pokemon both trying to slam down on a button or looking like they're frantically trying to make a choice while a timer is soundin off in the background or somethin like that.
Image: By Arhops

Requester: Pikachuun
For: Metagamiate
Details: I'm looking for a Pokemon using its powered-up attacks, in addition to the word Metagamiate on it somewhere. The attack can be anything from Pikachu's Electric-type Extreme Speed to Excadrill's Ground-type Rapid Spin, or even Drifblim's Ghost-type Explosion! But, if you really feel like tackling something complicated, try making a banner with every Eeveelution (including Eevee) using its respectively-typed Hyper Voice [Flareon with Fire-typed Hyper Voice, etc.]. No matter which one you do, thanks in advance!
Image: By Arhops

Requester: Minus
For: NU Research Week
Details: Something with maybe a mismagius wearing glasses looking through some files would be nice! or maybe even something like Feraligatr and Vileplume fighting over a file. Whichever would be easier
Image: By Sapphire.

Requester: TheBurgerKing99
For: Typemons
Details: Maybe do a thing featuring the different types somehow?
Image: By Regime

Requester: Cobalt314
For: Maximum Upgrade
Details: I would like some sort of graphic where it shows one move being converted into another move, whether by morphing, by flow chart, by production line, etc.
Also including Pokémon that could benefit from the morph, like Shift Gear Metagross or Spore Mega Venusaur, is also recommended.
Image: By Otter Power

Requester: Molk
For: RU Viability Rankings
Details: Some prominent mons that can be illustrated are Rhyperior, Hitmonlee and Doublade. The rest is left to the artist to visualise.
Image: By MiniArchitect

Requester: @alexwolf
For: OU Viability thread
Details: Hey, i would like to request a new logo for the OU viability ranking thread, as the amazing one that adeadnunboy made is outdated, because it featured Aegislash, which is now banned. And it would be nice if Pokemon in the logo are from S and A rank, to represent the best Pokemon in OU.
Image: By Andrew

Requester: Molk
RU Viability Thread (ORAS)
Details: hey, i'm gonna need some updated art for the RU viability thread now that we're in ORAS. Moltres, Pangoro, Alomomola, Cresselia, Gligar, Meloetta and Dragalge are some good candidates for Pokemon to be in the artwork, maybe with a tiny Fletchinder in the backround
Image: By Bummer

Requester: galbia
For: RU Research Week
Details: Some cool Pokemon for the pictures would be RU hidden threats such as Gurdurr or Qwilfish but any RU pokemon with glasses or a book could work too.
Image: By Bummer

Requester: The Avalanches
For: LC Cores
Image: By Mambo

Requester: Funbot28
For: Anything Goes viability ranking thread
Details: Mega Rayquaza and Klefki using Swagger somehow.
Image: By @imas234

Requester: Agent Gibbs
For: OU Checks Compendium
Image: By D_what

Requester: Peli
For: Ubers EV spread Compendium
Details: What ever is fine, just possibly the primals and a mega of the artists choice.
Image:By Bummer

Requester: Can-Eh-Dian
For: ORAS NU Teambuilding Lab
Details: Anything with 2 of the 3 (or all 3) of Xatu, Rhydon and Tauros in a kind of science lab setting would be incredible.
Image:By Bummer

Requester: Montsegur
For: NU Bazaar
Details: What I sort of envisioned for the artwork was a sort of middle eastern market (aka bazaar) where it looked like trainers where swapping pokemon or pokemon where selling goods or something along those lines. I leave it up to the user who decides to do this request to use what Pokemon they want as long as they're in NU. For reference here is the current thread and the NU viability rankings so you can see what NU Pokemon are good.
Image: By imas234

Requester: Funbot28 and Piccolo Daimao
For: Balanced Hackmons Viability Rankings
Details: I'd love it if the included pokemon were Chansey, Mega Rayquaza, and Giratina.
Image: By Litra

For: Featured Tutors
Details: A banner for an upcoming revamp of a project hosted in the B101 forum for Featured Tutors. I do not have a particular design in mind but since there's already a banner for the B101 forum itself which as shown here, maybe something similar would be great but if the artist has something different in mind then it'll be great too n_n
Image: By Arhops

Requester: -kal-
For: RU Matchmaking
Details: A picture of like a Mega Steelix with Alomomola and them working together or something would be nice.
Image: By Litra

Requester: fleggumfl
For: OU Role Compendium
Details: I'm not looking for anything totally specific, maybe involving the S and A+/A ranks in OU, here's theVR thread for reference.
Image: By Litra

Requester: Eevee General
For: Other Metas Teambuilding Shop
Details: I'm not that picky, so long as you capture the essence of a repair/mechanic shop. tbh, I keep seeing a rhydon with a wrench fsr, and I kinda want it to be gritty and greasy, not all bright and clean like most banners.
Image: By Bummer

Requester: unfixable
For: Pet Mod, Legends
Details: Hopefully Blastoise-Legend!
Image: By Hey-It's-Josh

Requester: NV
For: UU Teambuilding Lab
Details: I would prefer UnderUsed on the top and Teambuilding Lab on the bottom with the S rank mons of UU (Feraligatr, Hydreigon, Reuniclus, Salamence, and Suicune) sitting around a table of "research" (papers, test tubes, etc.) similar to the famous "dogs playing poker" picture. If that is too difficult, let me know and I can figure out something different for the banner.
Image: By Cloud_Nine987

Requester: NV
For: PU Matchmaking
Details: a banner for my PU Matchmaking thread as it is in need of one lol. I was thinking of something with like Floatzel riding Zebstrika / Bouffalant (both are very good partners for Floatzel so whichever is easier to draw / color works for me) and "PU Matchmaking" in a somewhat fancy style of writing
Image: By Twerkerella

Requester: MrAldo
For: RU Teambuilding Factory
Image: By rozes

Requester: DHR-107
For: CrapMons Ingame Run
Details: I'm planning something crazy for my last first iteration of Kalos game. Would someone be able to make a banner that includes: Ledian, Luvdisc, Delibird, Wobbuffet, Pachirisu and Delcatty. I'd quite like the XY male trainer in the background facepalming. Open to suggestions on posing/looks etc!
Image: By Litra

Requester: Thisbemyalt
For: PU Ladder challenge
Details: I was thinking something along the lines of some PU mons maybe climbing ladders idk it could involve mons like the Simi's, floatzel, monferno etc. also if it could say "PU Ladder Challenge" that would be great
Image: By a deer

Requester: Aquadext
For: ORAS UU Sample Team Thread
Details: I'm not very capricious, any artwork will do the trick as long as it represents well UU's defining Pokemons or playstyles. Just do what you feel like doing! But if I can make a suggestion, I could see the artwork being a sort of triangle with Pokemons representing each main playstyle (stall, balance and offense) looking angrily or rushing at each other, with the title "UU Sample Team Thread" being in the middle of the art. Stall could be represented by Blissey, Alomomola (even if it's RU) and/or Aggron-mega ; Balance with Swampert, Zapdos, Gardevoir ; and Offense with Beedrill-Mega, Crawdaunt and Infernape. If you use that idea of mine, I could see the mons being drawn in an "aggressive style", like this pic
Image: By Litra

Requester: Dundies
For: PU Official Roomtours
Details: I was thinking maybe it could have Simipour, Simisear, and Simisage and say "PU Official Roomtours".
Image: By Kiyo

Requester: runbabyrun
For: Megamons
Details: What I had in mind was a Mega Slowbro munching happily on some Leftovers (namely the apple icon that the Item uses), and next to it a Mega Pinsir wearing a Choice Band on top of his head, confused as to where it should go. Then, I would like to have the word 'Megamons' below the two. Feel free to add any of your own creative ideas though!
Image: By Sparkl3y

Requester: Can-Eh-Dian
For: Rowdy Rampardos team logo
Details: The rampardos doesnt have to be rowdy, it just has to be a rampardos.
Image: by Bummer

Requester: Spirit
For: RU is having a seasonal coming up soon and I'd appreciate it if it could have a nice banner to show off when it debuts.
Details: I'd like the text to say "RU Seasonal" and feature Abomasnow (normal, not mega) and Mega Camerupt representing Winter and Summer, respectively. If whoever is interested in doing this would want to feature another RU Pokemon in their work (such as Meloetta, Hoopa, or Diancie), that would be pretty cool too.
Image: by Bummer

Requester: rozes
For: Vibrant Vivillons team logo
Details: Needed in about a week - two weeks. it would hopefully be a Logo similar to SPL logos [example 12] it would preferably have multiple Vivillon on it with a wide range of colors to go with the Vibrant look, but if you have any other ideas just do what you feel looks / works the best.
Image: By Bummer

Requester: Vubon
For: ORAS LC Roles Compendium
Details: the artist can feel free to draw around any of the Little Cup mons he/she wants to. (Bummer's sugestion: Don't go any lower than the B ranks in LC's Viability rankings)
Image: By Bummer

Requester: GOAO
For: Squirtle Squad team logo
Details: LCPL is soon so can any of you do a logo of the Squirtle Squad? n_n
Image: By Ssensenh

Requester: Megazard
For: PU what's their last
Image: By Ssensenh

Requester: Nineage
For: LC Community Create a Team
Details: It would be really cool if it could include Scraggy since we decided we are building around it, but really any LC Pokemon is fine.
Image: by Bummer

Requester: boltsandbombers
For: NU viability rankings
Details: only requirement is that it should have Tauros and the rest of the Pokemon should be from A+ on the rankings.
Image: by Bummer

Requester: Sobi
For: PU Underdog Project
Details: it's a project which focuses on underrated pokemon in the tier, so furfrou / glaceon / munchlax.
Image: By Ssensenh

Requester: nv
For: Got Talent?
Details: My idea for it is for the name to be in the banner with Chesnaught beefed up and wearing the Libre Pikachu's outfit while Uxie with a book and wearing PhD Pikachu's outfit is on the opposite side of the OM's name. I would also love a shiny Mega Lopunny in Pop-Star Pikachu's outfit because that is just such a cute image, I cannot pass that opportunity up. Reference images here.
Image: By Ssensenh

Requester: Sobi
For: PU Laddering Achievements
Details: I would like a banner for my PU Laddering Achievements thread [link in sig]. It can be represented in any way possible; I was kinda thinking of maybe 2-3 Pokemon all wearing Choice Specs [one of the achievements is to have your team members holding the same item] and then "PU Laddering Achievements" under it.
Image: by Bummer

Requester: slurmz
For: RU Cores
Details: i would advise looking at the ru viability thread for viable mons to use. however, steelix and tyrantrum are on the chopping block so i would probably suggest not featuring them as they may be banned. maybe a registeel + alomomola? i'm unsure. the only thing i ask is that the picture shows a possible synergy between the team. using my example, having alo passing registeel a wish or something.
Image: by Bummer

Requester: Berks
For: Know Your Niche!
Details: I'd like a banner that features the words "Know Your Niche" or the abbreviation KYN, and featuring an LC pokemon that looks ... detective-y? Something like a Mienfoo with a magnifying glass or a cute Snover with a reporter's hat like in those old movies with like the note sticking out of the brim?
Image: by Bummer

Requester: Sobi
For: ou break this team
Image: By Bummer

Requester: mil
For: make a banner which says 'against ghosting and cheating!'
Image: by Bummer

Requester: Fiend
For: ADV LC Role Compendium
Details: A simple design involving revolving around Houndour would be appreciated. Porygon and Wailmer should also be somehow incorporated; any other legal Gen 3 Little Cup pokemon can also be added if the artist wishes. The only text on the banner would preferably be 'ADV LC Role Compendium'.
Image: by Ssensenh

Requester: Coconut.
For: LC Good Cores Thread
Details: It should have a set of two Little Cup Pokemon, preferably things that are higher on the viability rankings, but they can be just about any two LC pokemon. Under that maybe some fancy lettering saying ORAS LC Good Cores.
Image: by brightobject

Requester: Aerow
For: ADV Little Cup thread
Details: with the following Pokemon: Bagon, Trapinch, Ponyta, Elekid, Doduo (if there isn't space for 5, use the first 4 or 3). The banner should say just ADV Little Cup
Image: by brightobject

Requester: Smuckem
For: Battle Maison Discussion and Records
Details: Starf Trophy of some kind. You can go as simple or elaborate as you want for it--it could literally just be an enlarged Starf Berry placed on a pedestal, or a trophy in the same vein as the crystal trophies awarded (except a Starf is the top part instead of the Chantelaine hats that form the top of the actual trophies).
Image: by Ssensenh

Requester: Recreant
For: OU Theorymon
Details: Archeops is the project's mascot of sort, while Dark / Fairy Absol and probably Focus Blast Pidgeot are the next two popular 'mons, although Extreme Speed Braviary is right behind them. It would probably be best with three of them, but two of those 'mons would work just as well. Not sure how to incorporate Fairy Absol or Vital Spirit into a design though but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The banner doesn't need to be anything insanely complicated by any means.
Image: by Ssensenh

Requester: Terrakion.
For: OU Bazaar
Details: In my head was thinking of Ferrothorn holding 3 signs advertising teams (being a bazaar is a market in the middle east w/e) and at the bottom saying the title of the thread.
Image: by Ssensenh

Requester: bludz
For: ORAS OU Viability rankings
Details: a picture with several top tier OU pokemon. Kinda like the one we have now.
or a more artist-driven creation, sort of like this old one. Should probably be a pokemon of high relevance if just one is chosen.
Image: by Emrysthemay

Requester: VeryPinkPancakes
For: PU Teambuilding Workshop
Details: I think Mawile and Fraxure (a PU core who both have hands) looking like they are trying to reason with each other (just like teambuilding) would be nice.
Image: by Jackii

Requester: nv
For: OMotM/LCotM Official Tournaments.
Details: I was thinking that the art itself could include the title of the thread plus a combination of common OM threats such as Dragonite, Kyurem-Black, Mega-Diancie, or whatever you feel may be necessary. I was also thinking they could like they are facing off like they are in a battle.
Image: by anundeadboy

Requester: Silverwhiteblue
For: Doubbles OU Teambuilding shop
Details: i'd like to request a banner for the doubles ou teambuilding shop, as we plan to reopen really soon. doubles most iconic pokemon include kangaskhan mega, landorus-therian, latios, keldeo etc...
Image: By Sparkl3y

Requester: Pearl
For: ORAS UU Viability Rankings
Details: I don't really have a detailed mental picture of how I want the new banner to look like, so sorry in advance to the person who's kind enough to take this request, but I'd like to see something more dynamic than the current banner, if I'm making sense, similar to how the RU and NU banners look like. For the Pokemon that I'd like to see on the banner, anything that's currently in S, A+ or A is fine. Would specifically love to see Mega Aerodactyl, Celebi and Krookodile included (and Hydreigon excluded, since that's the main contender for the next suspect test and could get banned in the near future). Last but not least (and obviously), the banner should have "ORAS UU Viability Ranking Thread" written somewhere in it.
Image: By MandyRoh

Requester: EnemyJurist
For: PU Teambuilding Competition
Details: I would really like some of the new drops to be in it, such as Cacturne, Muk, and Rotom-Fan. It doesn't need to have all of those, but I would like at least Cacturne. I kinda have an idea of the mons hanging around a sign (leaning on it, hammering it into the ground, etc.) that has the title, but feel free to go wild.
Image: By Reigaheres

Requester: Squawkerz
For: Benjamin Butterfree OM
Image: By Chloe.

Requester: NOVED
For: Rustboro Rocky Helmets team logo
Details: I just need a banner with the team name + a rocky helmet that will fit well in sigs, and maybe a file with just the helmet that can fit well as an avatar.
Image: By cant say

Requester: Slowbroth
For: PU Team Tune-Up
Details: I'd like it to feature the words "PU Team Tune-Up", and with Technician Mr. Mime holding a wrench, wrenching a screw into one of the letters.
Image: By Andrew

Requester: pancake
For: PU Matchmaking Thread
Details: I would like "PU Matchmaking" somewhere in the art and I would like it to feature two Pokemon that pair very well together in the PU metagame. Floatzel and Leafeon or Monferno and Leafeon come to mind.
Image: by Chras

Requester: Conni
For: Pokemon GO Unofficial Viability Rankings
Details: Something fitting, see thread for more info.
Image: by Sapphire.

Requester: Chloe.
For: Anything Goes Resources
Details: a banner with the text "Anything Goes Resources" or "AG Resources" and a Mega Rayquaza, Arceus and Darkrai would be a perfect fit. Feel free to take any approach you want with it.
Image: by Sapphire.

Requester: Meteordash
For: PotW project
Details: A new social media project is underway regarding Pokemon of the Weeks, and I was wondering if I could get a little banner with "Pokemon of the Week" with some sort of new S&M mon such as one of the Tapus and one of the Ultra Beasts.
Image: by HotFuzzBall

Requester: Sobi
For: Monotype Theorymon project
I am requesting a piece of art for a Monotype Theorymon project that is going to be posted tonight / tomorrow. It's a really popular project (the most popular project last gen), and I'd really like a spectacular piece of art to go with it.
I'd like two Pokemon to be in this banner; below, I'll list some of the winners from the previous project and you can pick the two you think will look great.
- Fairy-type Rapidash
- Fighting-type Electivire
- Fighting-type Staraptor
- Ice-type Roserade
- Fairy-type Dragonair
Generally, I'd prefer one rough-looking Pokemon (Fighting-type Staraptor / Electivire) and one majestic-looking Pokemon (Fairy-type Rapidash / Dragonair, Ice-type Roserade).
There's no strict deadline for this, but I'd appreciate if the piece of art would be completed sometime this week.

Image: by Reigaheres

Requester: mil
For: RMT Project
Details: Hi, we plan to do a December/Christmas edition of our Rate of the Week project and would like to request artwork for it. The thread usually looks likethis, the artwork should be on the top.
Two Fighting-type Pokemon would be cool, for example: An Infernape as Santa, carrying a full bag, but out of it team rater badges fall out. Besides it there is a Terrakion, maybe with a red nose like a reindeer. Just an idea, if you have another one just go for it.
We had something like this once, but there is no Christmas theme. If you're short on time I wouldn't have a problem if you just add a Christmas theme to this.:
Image: by HotFuzzBall

Requester: Mael
For: Team Europe logo
Details: As far as motive and looks go, we don't care too much, we'd like if it featured luxray, something like "europe" or "team europe" and the design had some kind of connection to europe, but we don't want to restrict the artist too much, just give us something that looks nice. d:
Image: By Dooger41

Requester: Fiend
For: LC Viability Rankings
Details: I would like Vullaby to be incorporated and for the words "Sun & Moon Little Cup Viability Rankings" or some apt permutation of that to be incorporated. You can select some other high rank mons and/or use a personal favorite (it better be cute) provided it isn't too unviable.
Image: By Schaff

Requester: Nayrz
For: Uber Viability Rankings
Details: x
Image: By HotFuzzBall

Requester: Arcticblast
For: Santalune Storms logo
Image: By HotFuzzBall

Requester: Sken
For: Stunting Stunkys logo
Image: by anundeadboy

Requester: Fireburn Nayrz
For: Ubers Premier League
Image: by HotFuzzBall

Requester: Pearl
For: SM UU Viability Rankings
Details: Any Pokemon from S to A rank should be fair game. My personal idea was to have Scizor and Bisharp trading blows against each other in the middle of the picture, with either Politoed or Thundurus (or both!) summoning a storm in the background, but whoever takes on this request is free to do whatever they want as long as the banner includes 2 to 5/6 Pokemon from the upper rankings and "UU Viability Ranking Thread" written somewhere in it
Image: By monomite

Requester: Capt. KnightWalker
For: Break This Team (Ubers Edition)
Details: 1) Mega Gyarados staring threatening at fat mons like Lugia and Giratina (expression of fear cause these two get annihilated by Mega Gyara).
2) Mega Gengar wickedly smiling at Clefable, Chansey, and Lugia (shadow-like glow cast on these three mons from Mgar since they are trapped because of MGar's ability, Shadow Tag).
Image: By Bummer

Requester: Random Passerby
For: SM OU Victim of the Week
Details: I would like it to feature top-tier OU threats beating each other up. Something like Mega Metagross kidnapping Tapu Lele or Greninja beating up Landorus-T would be fine.
Image: By Bummer

Requester: Spirit
For: RU Viability Rankings
Details: i'm not picky on how the banner is worked out as long as it says "RU viability rankings" somewhere on it. some pokemon that would be good picks for the banner (any number of combinations for these mons would suffice; doesn't matter how much or not is picked from here): Link to post.
Image: by Bummer

Requester: Gary
For: SM OU Viability Rankings
Details: I'd like it to incorporate some of the top tier mons, while still having that SM vibe to it. I honestly don't care too much about what direction you take with it, but having at least 1 or 2 of the Tapus in it (Lele and Koko take precedence). Also try to squeeze in Ash Greninja, and maybe like Mega Metagross and Landorus-T considering that they're returning OU favorites. And lastly just a title for it (SM OU Viability Rankings). I'll leave a link to the VR if you want more ideas of what to put in there.
Image: by HotFuzzBall

Requester: OP
Tournament name:LC Summer Seasonal
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live):June 10th
Art Direction:Something cute! If it could be similar in style to what was used for the Spring seasonal, that'd be ideal. One idea I think would be good is a pool theme with some water pokemon like Staryu/Squirtle/Shellder. They could be doing different things like playing in the pool, going down a slide, chilling in a chair, etc. Don't feel like you have to use this idea if you want to draw something n_n
Image: by Blue Frog

Requester: HNBL
For: Team Logo for India in WCoP
Art Direction: I'd prefer the logo to be based on Mega Medicham. The artist is free to experiment with what it looks like, but I would like the word "India" along with the colours of the flag to be included into the art, much like how many other team logos in WCoP did. We still need to go through the qualifying rounds, and we currently have a temporary banner (which we would really like to change), so I'd like the artist to get this done in about a week or two at the max.
Image: by Bummer

Requester: Creator of Chaos
For: Break this Team OU edition
Details: A Magearna or Tapu lele cheekily Smiling While something like Sableye, Tangrowth and Tyranitar Quiver in fear since both fairies can break balance and stall, or perhaps like a Zygarde and scizor weathering an all-out attack from a bunch of random mons considering how bulky they are. Anything OU that depicts 1 or 2 Mons breaking other mons
Image: by BARABOY

Requester: Jsaok3
Tournament name: World Cup 2017
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Signups Will End Saturday 6/3/2017
Art Direction: We would like a logo with Hoopa Unbound coming out of a lamp with the word "Arabia" in a fitting font.
Image: by Chras

For: OU Lure that Threat
Art Direction: I'm not particularly picky, as long as it works and has the words "OU Lure that Threat" somewhere. Here are some ideas though:
  • Tyranitar hitting Garchomp with an Ice Beam, with Garchomp having a surprised look on its face.
  • Celesteela or Toxapex lying on the ground with Gengar holding an Electrium Z and looking triumphant.
  • Anything else that features an OU Pokemon being lured (you can check the "hall of fame" in the 2nd post for ideas)
Image: by ColinTheComputer

Requester: AJB
For: NU Teambuilding Lab
Art Direction: any current nu pkmn work i suppose, but preferably something actually viable. Sneasel, Machamp, Sceptile, Meloetta r all good pkmn that could possibly fit here? Just a suggestion but really, anything remotely similar to this would be great.
Image: By Pilo

Requester: Jhon
For: BSPL Team Logo
Art Direction: The team's called the 'Blackthorn Belly Drummers' and I want to use Shiny Azumarill as the mascot mon. I'm very much open to ideas, after all you're the ones with creative vision. The only idea that even came to my mind was Azu playing a military style drum.
Also feel free to shorten the name to just 'Blackthorn Drummers' if it fits better.
Image: By HotFuzzBall

Requester: Subject 18
For: OU Good Cores
Art Direction: Not really picky about art direction just something interesting and cool that fits the them of OU and the project itself.
Image: By Bummer

Requester: Stan Soojung
For: OU What's Their Last?
Art Direction: Not picky at all, but something like 2 prominent OU pokemon in a lab / workshop picking out other mons would be neat. But as I said, if you have a better idea, go wild!
Image: By Bummer

Requester: Randomnick
For: RU Victim of the Week
Art Direction: I don't have any preference about the art style's direction, I just want something between the principal RU mons and their checks (something like Hera and Moltres/Gligar or Reuniclus and Quagsire).
Here the thread for reference

Requester: Luigi and Isa
For: Smogon Snake Draft (official trophy tour that will get a lot of social media exposure)
Art direction: we need a banner for the whole tournament, something similar to spl and wcop though the theme should be snake related.
I was thinking the name of the tour being either made of snake pokemon or being held up by snake pokemon, specifically 1 or 2 of arbok, snivy, dunsparce (lol) or steelix, since the following mons will be team mascots and thus unavailable: ekans, serperior, rayquaza, tapu fini, seviper, dragonair, gyarados, milotic, zygarde and giratina.
Also important: the signups will be posted around the 10th of august most likely so we need the banner done by then
Image: By Bummer

Requester: MeButYou82
Tournament Name: Draft Cup
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Signups go up on August 4th at the earliest.
Art Direction: Abra sitting inside a typical golden trophy, with the words "Draft Cup" somewhere, perhaps on the base of the trophy. If you'd rather do something else or have another idea, anything involving top tier LC Pokemon and a trophy is great too!
Image: By Bummer

Requester: Solerme
For: BSPL Team Logo
Art Direction: I'm the manager of one of the teams that will play the battle spot premier league, the Anistar Farseers, and we don't have a logo yet. Do you think it's possible to make a simple one for my team? I'd like to use to use Espeon as the mascotte
Image: By FellFromtheSky

Requesters: Hikari and Leru
For: Smogon Snake Draft team logo - Lanakila Nagas
Art Direction: Bummer helped me with this:
There are thousands of naga pictures on the internet thanks to dota that can be used for inspiration. I can provide some if needed
Image: By Bummer

Requester: ict and Poek
For: Smogon Snake Draft team logo - Pacifidlog Pitviper (Seviper)

Art Direction: We had the idea that we would want a Seviper wrapped around a wood bridge as it fits the theme of Pacifidlog Town which consists of wooden houses connected by wooden bridges over a sea. Thats the next point we would want to mention that we would like to have it surrounded by a blue background so it looks like water kinda.
Image: By Modeling Clay

Requesters: CrashinBoomBang & KratosMana
For: Smogon Snake Draft team Logo - Terminus Taipans (Zygarde)

Okay, we back now that I'm not insane anymore! We've decided to change everything and have it not look awkward, plus have 50% Zygarde be the focus of the picture instead of Big Boss. What we'd like to see is a big ass Zygarde 50% in the middle of the picture with the name "Terminus Taipans" underneath. No more of the stupid statue thing either, just make it a Zygarde in the flesh please! However, we'd also like for the other 2 Zygarde formes to be represented in the logo; while the main Zygarde should be reasonably large, we'd like to see Zygarde 10% and 100% to the left and right of 50% Zygarde, but instead of being fully visible like the middle Zygarde we'd like for them to be less visible and more "in the dark"/have them have somewhat of a Silhouette-ish feel but with glaring eyes. Something along the lines of this:

Artists rendition part two (open)

(Text should probably be quite a bit bigger than that; We'd like for the text to be given a cave-y statue-y feel to represent the whole Terminus Cave theme. Also the Zygarde should look something like that, don't feel that having the whole beast on there is necessary. Also probably a good idea to move the heads down a little and maybe make them a little bit larger in relation to the main Zygarde. And obviously "connect" them to the main one, this is supposed to be a logo after all and not a landscape)

Can give more information is something is unclear, so feel free to ask! Can also give further specifications regarding size if needed. A lot more confident about this than the hogwash I wrote last weekend, thanks in advance!

Image: By Jackii

Requesters: Hogg & Christo
For: Smogon Snake Draft team logo - Victory Road Rattlers
Art Direction: Our team mascot is Ekans, and we would like our logo to prominently feature Ekans and to be in the general style of a baseball or basketball team logo. I've sketched up a sample logo based on some old baseball team logos I've googled, but if you have another direction that you think would be better, we're open to that as well as long as it meets the same feel. Possibly add on Ekans biting a pokeball if it can be added without making the image look too crowded (not essential but could be a nice extra element).
Image: By Bummer

Requester: Broken Phobias
For: Upcoming PU tour that has already been aproved
Art Direction: So It's a CUP style tournament similar to VGC's Hydreigon CUP. The artist can take this anyway he or she wants. I'd just appreciate to be a better Quality then what I made. Thanks!
Image: By icepick

Requester: Drew
For: You're Not My Type LC Tour
Art Direction: Probably a panel of judges (just random LC mons) turning away a Pokemon or 2 of the same type OR a Pokemon of 1 type turning away a Pokemon of another type as if they're shoving off a flirt (maybe Torchic turning away Croagunk?)
Image: By Bummer

Requesters: Zebraiken & d0nut
For: Smogon Snake Draft team logo - Lake of Rage Leviathans (Gyarados)
Art Direction: Shiny Gyarados (regular, not mega) is our mascot. As such, we'd like red to be a primary color of the logo, but otherwise feel free to take liberties. We're fond of SPL-style vector logos, but also understand that it's pretty tough to design and create good-looking vector art, so we aren't adamant about it. Preferably, the logo would prominently feature Gyarados's head, since we think it's the most distinctive feature of Gyarados. We're also open to other ideas or directions if you dream up a good one!

Requesters:Ciele and Funkasaurus
For: Smogon Snake Draft team logo - Goldenrod Gliders (Rayquaza)
Art Direction: As the team name suggests, we would like something involving Rayquaza flying (Gliding) around or above Goldenrod City, perhaps with the Radio Tower being a secondary focal point after Rayquaza. Talented artist Funkasaurus has offered this as a reference point. Incorporating some kind of gold colouring in the logo would also be nice since it is Goldenrod after all.
Image: by monomite

Requester: Jirachee and two-time Smogon Tour champion BKC AKA autumn leaves
For: Smogon Snake Draft team logo
Art Direction: Our team is called the Ambrette Astrotias and our mascot is Milotic, so we'd like to have both of them on the primary logo. Because Milotic is a sea snake, we'd like to celebrate that and include a few sea themed elements in the logo. Something that'd look great in my opinion would be a shield-like logo (like professional soccer team logos.) If possible, it'd be great to have both a main logo and some artwork to add to signatures, it's fun to show team pride that way!
Image: by monomite

For:Doubles UU Metagame Thread
Details:Good choices of mons to include in the banner would include: Thundurus-Incarnate, Genesect, Keldeo, Sylveon, or Kyurem-Black (they've got pretty nice color synergy as well).

Requester: Airwind
For: cap teambuild workshop
Art Direction: Add some capmons
Image: by Bummer

Requester: OP
Tournament name: LC Fall Seasonal
Art Direction: Something cute preferred, some good pokemon to include might be Timburr, Pumpkaboo, or autumn form of Deerling. Not too sure what mons represent fall well. They could be trick or treating, at a pumpkin patch, or just surrounded by some fall trees. Not picky at all, do p much whatever you want as the artist!
Here's the Summer and Spring ones if that helps
Image: by Bummer

Requester: Tony
Tournament name: UU Majors
Art Direction: I'll leave the creative stuff to the creator, but it's important that the banner features a few current UU staples. Examples would be Latias, Scizor, Cobalion, Primarina, Hydreigon and Swampert (regular Swampert, not its Mega Evolution!). Thanks! ^_^
Deadline: by Bummer

Requester: Eternally
For: NU Victim Of The Week
Art Direction: I dont have anything particular in mind, would love to have Rhydon, Sceptile, and Sawk in the banner.
Image: by Bummer

Requester: iRebel
For: PU Research Week
Art Direction: something like two PU pokemon judges writing notes on a mon on some sort of stage would be cool. The pokemon judges could be something along the lines of sableye and then anything else for the rest of the mons. If this is too complicated feel free to do do whatever you'd like
Image: by Dibs The Dreamer

Requester: Exploudit
For: OU's Community Create-a-Team
Art Direction: I really don't know what I'd like to see to be completely honest. For sure something incorporating Lando-T and Magearna since they're not only arguably the most viable Pokémon in the entire tier but also because they form an amazing offensive and defensive core. Maybe have Landorus-T and Magearna kind of discussing what teammates they would like or something as if they were planning the rest of the team, but this is for sure not definitive, take any route you want just let me know :)
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: Twix
For: PU Next Best Thing
Art Direction: something with PU mons doing out of the ordinary things (something like Magmortar summoning the sun, an oricorio electric wearing a rocky helmet, mesprit using hyper beam, dragon hammer exeggutor-alola, etc.) with font saying "PU Next Best Thing"
Image: by HotFuzzBall

Requester: Nightingales
For: uu ladder challenge
Art Direction: Basically was thinking of just the normal 1st, 2nd, 3rd place podium, preferably with Mega Sceptile in first place, Delphox in second, and Crobat in third, but I'm open for anything. c:
edits were made
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: Megazard
For: Gen 7 PU Sample Teams
Art Direction: The old artwork references a ton of mons that just aren't too relevant anymore. No specific design requests or anything, but new/relevant mons that aren't likely to leave the tier way too soon include Skuntank, Charizard, Weezing, Jynx, Musharna, Mesprit, Oricorio-Sensu, Lycanroc... idk just trying to help
Image: by HotFuzzBall

Requester: Za Meowdo
For: WCoP 2018 Team Austria Logo
Art Direction: We decided to use Latias as the team's mascot. Design-wise we are very open-minded, the artist is free to express his thoughts, tho we'd like the words 'Team Austria' whether it's on Latias' wings or at the bottom as well as the Austrian flag (or the colors, resembling the flag) to be included. Some ideas would be picturing Latias fly up the alps or including the St. Stephan's cathedral or the giant ferris wheel. Latias could even be used on the middle of the flag to replace the eagle that is used on the real thing.
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: galbia
For: PU Circuit / PU in general
Art direction: i really like the smogon doubles logo as a reference point and this one would be used for the PU tournaments circuit as a whole too, pokemon like skuntank and carracosta should be relevant for a while
Image: by LifeisDANK

Requester: King Wyanut
For: RU Teambuilding Competition
Art Direction: I think it would adorable if there was a Bewear with like a construction hat and plans talking to like a chesnaught or something, but anything of the general building theme + RU mons would suffice
Image: by LifeisDANK

Requester: Chill Shadow
For: Smogon Exhibitions
Art Direction: I need a logo for the team i'm managing, The Mind Blowing Blacephalons please n_n i dont have anything in particular in mind, i guess maybe literally what the name is but in a cool-looking logo. Thanks a lot!
e: my co-manager snaga suggested a nice idea, which is basically depict our logo as like a magician, which i think would be pretty cool if it's feasible, thanks again!
Image: By GenOne

Requester: Shadestep
Tournament name: NeverUsed League / NU League
Projected Deadline: January 1
Art Direction: High Viability Pokemon in NU, such as Sneasel, Delphox, Emboar, etc. Minimalistic design would be cool
Image: by Bummer

Requester: Haund
For: Italian Articles Index
Art Direction: basically i'd like to replace the current banner of the index with a new piece of art. theres nothing wrong in particular with the old one; however, it wasnt done at my request and some people (myself included) would like a change. i dont really have any specific request, just to include the text "Hub Italiano" (either big if it's has a banner-ish shape or a bit smaller if it's more of an article-like image) and either rampardos or machamp holding the italian flag. dimensions shape etc are not relevant to me so whoever wants to take this on, feel free to unleash your creativity. for instance this is a very simple image that i personally like a ton and that would work perfectly, shame it's for the germans :pirate:
Image: By MamOwOswine

Requester: Feliburn
For: Smogon Exhibitions
Art Direction: I'd love to have a dope logo for the team I'm managing "The Max Attaka Stakatakas", I couldn't come up w/ any idea for it but something that displays a strong stakataka maybe. Thanks.
Image: By LifeisDANK


Requesters: Wascally Wabbit, UU Room Moderator Ark, UU Leader Hogg, and Accelgor

For: UU Forum King of the Hill Project

Art Direction: What I’m looking for is a knight charging towards a king who is on a Hill. I want the king to be mienshao with a crown on his head, and the knight to be Doublade, and the horse to mudsdale, or cobalion. Honestly whatever you thing looks best as long as the Pokémon are similar to a horse and a knight.
View attachment 100715
Image: By LifeisDANK

For: NU Viability Rankings
Art Direction: I don't have any particular theme or concept in mind, but I'd love it to include Delphox, Vaporeon, Virizion, Steelix, and Golbat.
Image: By MamOwOswine

Requester: The Ubers moderation team
For: 2018 Ubers Tournament Circuit
Art Direction: This thread is going to be an announcement post that will detail the plans for the Ubers 2018 circuit, and will be a stickied thread in the main Ubers forum for the entire duration of 2018 so I felt it was worth requesting some generalized art for it. I'm open to many ideas as long as its Ubers related. The result of this request may come in handy for future general threads that don't require a specific banner, so this will likely be useful for more than just the tournament announcement post, which could help with the art direction.
Image: By LifeisDANK

Requester: Nayrz and Hack
For: Ubers Old Gens Hub
Art Direction: Probably something that shows a span of the generations (or anything time based, open to interpretation) with Ubers Pokemon. The thread is a collection of resources for ADV/DPP/BW2/ORAS Ubers, so anything from there is fine.
Artist: ColinTheComputer

For: Ubers Seasonals
Art Direction: I think what would look best would be a weather-oriented logo utilizing Uber-viable Pokemon, so anything that shows a weather clash of some sorts, maybe a battle between Primal Groudon's Sunlight and Primal Kyogre's rain. Another option could be anything involving the new SM/USM mons (Ultra Necro, Solgaleo and Lunala's Necrozma forms or w/e) in a winter theme or whatever. Its really up to the artist :D
Image: By MamOwOswine

Requester: AriiStella
For: Smogon Exhibitions
Art Direction: Hey, I'm a manager as well and I'd like a logo for my team "Cosmogtic Lunalas". I want it to have a Lunala and in the lower part two cosmogs, one in each side and with the name of the team together with small stars in the background. I'd really appreciate it if you could do the design of the Pokemon chibi-like, make it look cute but not extremely cute please. Thanks in advance!
Image: By MamOwOswine

Requester: Marjane
For: CAP Social Media
Art Direction: This thread is going to be an announcement post which will be about CAP's social media team, what we do and how to join us. It is going to be an important thread which is why I feel it should have a banner that explains just how important it is. I really liked this banner and how it screamed "look people this is what is happening" and I'm looking for a similar feeling and aspect. I'd really like for the banner to use CAPmons such as Necturna, Kitsunoh and Pajantom (those are just examples). Thank you for your time!
Image: By MamOwOswine

Requester: Mysterious M
For: Team Greece (WCOP)
Since our country's flag is blue and white,i would like a keldeo resolute form in front of our flag? or something to have with the greek flag and keldeo resolute anyway.It also need to say team greece somewhere; I want the keldeo to look agressive btw. Thanks.
Image: By MamOwOswine
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Completed Requests part II

Requester: Yung Dramps
For: 1v1 Throwback (, typing this on mobile can't embed link)
Art Direction: I think an Avengers style line-up of the best Pokemon from each generation with a banner at the top saying "1v1 throwback" would look really cool (Examples of some top threats from each generation include RBY Tauros, GSC Zapdos and Raikou, ADV Lax and Suicune, DPP Rhyperior and Infernape and BW Genesect). Another idea I had was to have a Rhyperior and a Suicune having an epic 1-on-1 duel in the middle of a stadium or something, with the aforementioned top-tier threats watching and cheering in the stands/background. This design would emphasize the "1v1" aspect much more. Whatever option you choose, just make it look cool!
Image: By Chocolate Thunda

Requester: Escoffier
For: CAP Teambuilding Competition [Project Banner]
Art Direction: Construction zone-esque vibe with any combination of Kerfluffle/Fidgit/Pyroak[Just seem to be the best toys to play around with artistically in this theme, but feel free to change it up however the artist sees fit.] highlighting the piece as subjects. Hardhats, hammers/tools, etc.. That type of thing.
Image: MamOwOswine

Requester: Darquezze
For: CAP Social Media
Details: Hi, I'm currently hosting the official CAP Project feed on Google+, and I'm searching for someone to create banners that represent CAP's noticeable Pokemon. I'm looking for an Arghonaut bulking up and a nerdy Necturna, and the dimensions have to be 1080x608. If anyone can help out with this, thank you so much!
Image: MamOwOswine

Requester: roman
For: ru victim of the week
Art Direction: maybe something with like milotic, shaymin, and mega ampharos. idk, just make it cute!!:3
Image: Moon

Requester: xray
For: Smogon World Cup Team Germany
Art Direction: A Quagsire juggling with three Exeggutor heads. The Quagsire should stand on one feet and it should look a bit like in a circus. Maybe give the Quagsire a cool hat, like a topper or so with the three colors of Germany: black, red, gold. There should be written "Germany" somewhere in the background, maybe in the sky or do 7 Exeggutor heads and one of the letters in "g e r m a n y" on top of each of them. Thanks :)
Image: BlueberryBlanket

Requester: Adrian Marin
For: Suicide Cup
Art Direction: I imagine the prospects of creating a rather dark, yet comical banner for an incredibly unique metagame is rather amusing. Find the red line regarding what is acceptable, but do not cross it! I would like to see a battered up Smeargle chasing its own tail! If possible, it would also be incredible if top threats like Gothitelle, Accelgor, Jumpluff and Abra were added. Don't forget to add a really cool, twisted looking font that says "Suicide Cup". As for the size, I'd like it to be comparable to this thread's banner. Thank you, I really admire you guys!
Image: T-Lukke

Requester: curiosity
For: OU Matchmaking
Art Direction: honestly anything involving two pokemon working together will be amazing!
Image: T-Lukke

Requester: drampa's grandpa
For: OM Mashup Megathread (link)
Art Direction: Should include the text "OM Mashup Megathread" or "Other Metas Mashup Megathread". I think a bunch of meta names around the main title (Balanced Hackmons, Almost Any Ability, STABmons, Anything Goes, and Mix and Mega) connected by a Ditto would be interesting. Acronyms are fine (BH, AAA, STAB, AG, MnM). I'm of course open to artistic recommendations and input.
Image: Bummer

Requester: zizalith
For: ru checks compendium
Art Direction: hi, i dont really have anything set in mind for this but the banner should have top tier mons like mandibuzz and salazzle (think a ranks or so). could be doing something like playing checkers or something idk lol.
Image: By Bummer

Requester: slated
For: UnderUsed Team Bazaar
Art Direction: basically anything showing a UU pokemon holding up a sign saying "team bazaar" - I think the OU one looks really cool:
I don't have anything super particular to request here, just make sure it features a uu pokemon and says "team bazaar" somewhere in the art :]
Image: by Gravity Monkey

Requester: TJ
For: USM PU Role Compendium USM PU Resources
Art Direction: I dont really have anything in mind, but I want some of the top PU Pokemon included (Mesprit, Skuntank, Gurdurr, Regirock, Eelektross, Swanna) Make it cool please! (:
Bummer Edit: Gonna go ahead and decide that separate posts in a thread won't get banners on their own. Since the linked thread doesn't have anything in the first post, one can use the same art direction to make a banner for PU Resources.
Image: by T-Lukke

Requester: zizalith
For: ru best next thing
Art Direction: id like a pokemon using an unusual move or item like belch salazzle, z hyper beam comfey, cb chesnaught, ect
Image: by T-Lukke

Requester: Stan Soojung
For: sm nu set viability rankings
Direction: i'm not picky whatsoever, just something cool w some top mons in sm nu, go as wild and be as creative as u wanna be !
Image: by T-Lukke

Requester: Mazz
For: OldGens UU Team Bazaar
Art Direction: Using these Nidoqueen, Kanghaskhan, Moltres, Heracross, and Suicune in that order, I'm thinking something that really showcases the age associated with the idea of OldGens. Very banner esque; the OP and collection of reserved posts will make for a long intro before the content of the thread, so something like 1000x250 is going to fit a lot better. Something rustic, almost in the imperial-Japanese style a la The Great Wave. I think it would be pretty cool if the banner itself looked as if were parchment or like an old treasure map. Title, as given in the "for" section ideally in the center of the frame, but along the bottom of the banner if possible? I'll leave the choice of font to the artist.
Image: by Bummer

Requester: Memoric
For: Doubles OU Viability Rankings
Art Direction: Can be anything really, just has to feature top mons. Incineroar and Tapu Koko would be fine as well as anything in Tier 1 or 2 in the thread I linked; just not Mega Gengar cuz there's a possibility it might get banned if ever
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: Broken Phobias
For: PU's 3rd Annual Secret Santa
Art Direction: I'm looking for an actual banner this year instead of something I can throw together in photoshop like I did last year which can be found here. I'd prefer if it had top tier PU Pokemon like Skuntank, Mesprit, or perhaps Jellicent. For more ideas check the Usage Stats. I'd prefer if you made it as holiday spirited as possible while still having the design be relaxed and simple. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on Discord at BP#3353 or find me on PS Broken Phobias
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: roman
For: ru sample teams
Art Direction: again something cute is all im asking for
Image: by Moon

Requester: Anaconja
For: OM Laddering Achievements
Art Direction: Just something involving Slakoth, Magikarp, and Audino wrecking face, since they are included in a few of the achievements. Slakoth could be shown using Sucker Punch, Magikarp could be using Z-Hydro Pump, and Audino could be tanking attacks or using Toxic.
Image: by dom

Requester: Zenithial
For: Break This Team AG Edition project
Art Direction: Looking for a banner with the title: Break This Team AG Edition. The Pokemon I wanted to be used with this banner was Marshadow and Gothitelle, with them working together coherently.
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: BackAtYouBro
For: UU victim of the week
Art Direction: So what I see in this art is basically a Scarf Krookodile and a Bisharp with Black Glasses chasing after a Latias that ends up slamming into a Mega Aggron or Bronzong for a comedic effect. The scenery can be whatever you prefer.
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester : curiosity
For : PU Squad Dump
Art Direction : I would love a banner that resembles banners from other team-based projects, including the UU oldgens bazaar and the ou teambuilding workshop. My only other request is to keep it rather simple! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through discord at curiosity#2758. No deadline for me either, as this is a petty relaxed thread.
Image: by Moon

Requester: The Ubers moderation team
For: 2019 Ubers Tournament Circuit
Art Direction: This art will feature in many of the tournament OPs that are in our 2019 circuit throughout the year, so something generalized is great. The circuit features many different Ubers generations, so the idea of showing something different from every Ubers generation like our 2018 banner did is an awesome idea.
Image: by EV

Requester: DrapionSwing
For: Official CAP Tour
Art Direction: The banner I have in mind is 3 Pokemon standing on a first second and third place podium. In first place I'd like our new snail CAP, Snaelstrom, followed by Gastrodon in 2nd and Magcargo in 3rd. Above them I'd like a banner with OCT on there. Maybe give the CAP snail a trophy with #1 on it? I'm not too fussed by that detail.
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: snake_rattler
For: CAP Viability Rankings
Art Direction: Since Mega Crucibelle, Necturna, Tornadus-T, and Heatran are some of the more dominant Pokemon in the CAP Metagame, I'd like to see Mega Crucibelle using Head Smash into Tornadus-T, and Necturna using Never Ending Nightmare against Heatran. "CAP Viability Rankings" should be on the image, preferably centered.
Image: by BlueberryBlanket

Requester: Yoshi
For: LGPE OU Viability Rankings (this doesn't exist yet but it will soon)
Art Direction: As long as it looks nice and amazing along with some dominant Pokemon in the meta it's good. To be specific, Melmetal, Mew, Mega Gengar, and Alolan Dugtrio
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: Yoshi
For: LGPE OU Sample Teams (this doesn't exist yet but it will soon)
Art Direction: Now make this one look nice too but if I had to pick certain Pokemon I think Melmetal, Eevee, and Pikachu are both necessities. Mew, Mega Gyarados, and Mega Gengar are both potential options as well (pick one mega over the other though). If this is unspecific in anyway please contact me!
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: Lyd
For: ou teambuilding competition
Art Direction: i think something like three ou psychic-types (because they’re smart) on a podium would be a cool idea. mega alakazam, mega medicham, tapu lele, in that order is an idea i’ve had, but any psychic-type or smart-looking pokémon should be fine if it’s ou viable, just ask me on discord beforehand. if you have any other ideas feel free to ask me too. thanks in advance to whoever does this ^^
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: Jordy
For: The CAP Sets VR
Art Direction: Something similar to the OU Sets VR with Necturna (it has sketch) instead of Landorus-T would be great.
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: roman
For: the new ru viability thread!
Art Direction: cute amazing pretty with shaymin roserade and virizion
Image: by HotFuzzBall

Requester: Jordy
For: CAP Cores
Art Direction: Something with Mega Crucibelle and Tornadus-T/Tapu Lele would be cool, because those are arguably the 2 best cores in CAP.
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: DurzaOffTopic
For: ZU Old Gens Hub
Art Direction: Anything is great - some ideas could include the best Pokemon from each generation. Good Pokemon you could potentially choose from could include but are not limited to Electabuzz, Simipour, Simisage (ORAS), Raticate, Quagsire, Persian, Gastly (DPP), and Delibird, Gloom, Staryu (ADV), though you could use anything you want! Just thought I could name some ideas of some of the metagame defining pokemon for ease of reference. Thank you so much in advance!!
Image: by BlueberryBlanket

Requester: ayedan
For: 1v1 Team Bazaar/Showcase
Art Direction: I would like to see something involving Mega Charizard X and Dragonite holding a sign saying 1v1 Team Bazaar or along the lines of that. Maybe have a Porygon Z and Magearna in the background as well would be great!
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: Yay
For: RarelyUsed Teambuilding Competition
Art Direction: Something with iconic RU Pokémon would be ideal. Mega Blastoise, Roserade, Toxicroak, Ninetales, and Metagross are a few examples. I'm not really sure about a theme for the art, so i'll leave that up to the artist (if you want any input im almost always available on discord). Thank you so much in advance!
Image: by BlueberryBlanket

Requester: Gum
For: PU Next Best Thing
Art Direction: Would like it if there was one or more (preferably the latter) Pokemon running an unusual move and / or item. z-thunder mesprit, choice band lycanroc, choice scarf froslass, choice specs alolan raichu and life orb gastrodon (especially this one!!) are all pokemon i would be interested in seeing in the banner. Thanks in advance :)
Image: by BlueberryBlanket

Requester: Broken Phobias & The rest of the H&F Auth team
For: 1st ever Health & Fitness Rand Bats tour
Art Direction: Anything is really okay. I'm definetly looking for some fit Pokemon working out in the gym though. Some ideas you could include in your art are Dodrio Running on a Treadmill, Hitmonchan Going to town on a punching bag, A Machamp and a slightly bigger pokemon like Snorlax wrestling. Mega Mawile doing Bicep Curls with its Head Traps. Really anything fitness related should do fine as long as there's a decent amount of varaition in the Pokemon. It shouldn't only be Fighting-type Pokemon as this indicates that only fit individuals work out. Thanks in advance to whoever fills this request!
Image: by Moon

Requester: RyLon
For: Lure That Threat RU
Art Direction: I was thinking smth like a collage with parts of the iconic mons like Shaymin, Megastoise, Metagross, but feel free with the design if u guys prefer, ignore me
Image: by MamOwOswine

Requester: Twilight
Project name: What's Their Last? (UU Version)
Projected Deadline: I have been given approval for this to go live on the 10th March
Art Direction: I would like 5 Pokemon from a team to be drawn. Whether they be portrayed inside boxes or jigsaw pieces (Just the upper part of their body or faces) with one having a question mark on it for the 6th. They could all be looking at it with thinking emojii faces assuming this is possible. Another idea is 5 standing around a rattling pokeball with question marks coming out of it and confused/thinking expressions on them. On either version the title "What's Their Last?" Is written somewhere. Example Team: Mega Aerodactyl, Primarina, Rotom-H, Krookodile, Scizor, Gengar.
Image: by BlueberryBlanket

Requester: CKW
Tournament name: UPL VII
Art Direction: Banner to have Ubers Premiere League at the front along with: 1-7 Pokemon representing Ubers: (Ultra Necrozma, Dusk Mane Necrozma, Primal Groudon, Zygarde, Marshadow, Xerneas, and Yveltal) with Primal Groudon at the centre. OR B) 2 Pokemon representing Ubers: Primal Groudon and Dusk Mane Necrozma. by
Image: by Kaiju Bunny

Requester: GMars
Tournament name: OUPL V
Art Direction: OU PL up in front with a big V in the middle behind the oupl letters. Since the tour covers ADV-USM OU, having a Tyranitar in the center would probably be nice since it's been an OU staple in every format in the tour. Potentially two big OU mons on the sides, like Lando-T and Heatran (not necessary if too much work). Other possibility would be an OUPL logo with a Torn-T behind it making a V with its wings spread.
Image: by HotFuzzBall

Requester: Broken Phobias
Project Name: ZU's Counter Kitchen
Projected Deadline: Preferably as soon as possible I would like to get this in thread Queue ASAP but I suppose it doesn't really matter.
Art Direction: I would prefer top ZU's top Defensive mons in the Banner such as Lickilicky, Gourgiest-XL, Tangela, Muk, etc. I don't really care about how it looks. Feel free to get creative with it and have fun!
Image: by Garchomp for president

Requester : Moutemoute
For : USUM UU Speedlist
Art Direction : Hey it's been a few months since my last request for USUM UU Speedlist got rejected. So I'm back ! I would like something which can show some really fast Pokemon in UU like Mega Sharpedo (in water), Latias, Hydreigon, Talonflame etc.. with "UU Speedlist" written. I was thinking about maybe the sea and Mega Sharpedo and the sky with the other Pokemon but overall I leave the rest to the artist, feel free to do whatever you think may be good. Thanks in advance :]
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: Whitephoenixace
For: Trademarked, Gen 7 other meta
Art Direction: Tm is an om thats about mons being able to use status moves as abilities that activate upon being sent out. For this concept (at least after consultinng the gen owner) I would like if you could draw something with a pokemon being sent out and a status move seemingly activating at the same time. I would prefer it to be maybe be Golisopod with swords floating over its head as it came out, however if something else may better emphasize the idea(as i admit im not the most imaginitive lol), I would like to at least here it from the artist before they maybe waste there work. But I would love for the boi golis to be the theme as he is one of the mons of this gen that benefits the most.
Image: by Gravity Monkey

Requester: maroon
For: Monotype Generations Tour III (in monotype ribbon circuit)
Art Direction: the theme should be prominent pokemon from the 3 most current generations; USM, ORAS, and BW2. From left to right I would like Celesteela (USM) , Mega Scizor (ORAS) , Skarmory (BW2) as the Pokemon used in the art. The text in the art should be Monotype Generations Tour III. Anything else can be left up to the artist. If the artist wants to use a different set of Pokemon that is fine, just would like them to pm me maroon#9782 on discord, and obviously have them be the same type!!
Image: by internet

Requester: Merritt
Tournament Name: LCPL VIII
Art Direction: "LCPL" centered around Mienfoo, Foongus, Mareanie, and Slowpoke
Image: by Kaiju Bunny

Requester: Ransei
For: Pure Hackmons Viability Rankings
Art Direction: A banner with Deoxys-Speed using Sheer Cold on Mewtwo-Mega-X with the words "Pure Hackmons Viability Rankings" below it :). The maker can use their imagination as to what Sheer Cold's animation would look like. :
Image: by BlueberryBlanket

Requester: spink
For: ADV NU Viability Rankings
Art Direction: I think something cute with three of the best mons in the tier (chimecho, roselia, and hitmonchan) would be really cool. Maybe something like a tea party between the three of them.
Image: by BlueberryBlanket

Requester: Megazard
Tournament name: PUPL
Art Direction: Something similar to the LCPL banner with top mons hanging out, maybe avoid Lilligant in case that gets banned though
Image: by UberSkitty

Requester: Ransei
For: OM Mashups roomintro.
Art Direction: Something small, similar to this but with Necrozma on the top and the words "OM Mashups" fitting in with Necrozma's color scheme. Maybe with some orange and blue as well, but this is optional.
Image: by Kaiju Bunny

Requester: Teclis
For: RoA Sample Teams
Art Direction:
Something with Zapdos, Tyranitar and Landorus-Therian as well as the thread title in would be great. I'm not much of an artist myself so the rest is up to you!
Image: by Kaiju Bunny

Requester: Oathkeepre
For: ZU Matchmaking thread
Art Direction: Since this thread has a theme of pairing a Pokemon with another and since Swanna is in the tier, someone requested swan love boats in the shape of Swanna!
Image: by JustoonSmitts

Requester: ZU
For: ZU Team Dump Thread
Art Direction: The artist has free reign on this one, however, it should include some top tier Pokemon in ZU such as Swanna, Electivire, Combusken, and Silvally Water / Fighting. I would also greatly appreciate it if you could fit Machoke into the art somehow. This is a team dump thread so it should reflect as much. I wouldn't mind if you use older team dump threads for inspiration such as OUs team Bazaar. Thanks!
Image: by Cresselia92

Requester: xapx
For: OU Victim of the Week
Art Direction: I have the idea of a relevant threat (say Lando-T / Heatran / Ash-Gren) in the middle, and several other Pokemon around, preferably relatively larger than the Pokemon in the middle, and sort of look like "threats" to the "victim". Go crazy outside of that :]
Image: by Kaiju Bunny

Requester: Sickist
For: UU Research Week v3
Art Direction: Artist has free reign here, just make sure it somewhat applies to research and includes some UU staples, such as Scizor and Latias, or something at least well known and used in the tier, such as Cobalion. Other than that, feel free to go to town! Thanks alot from Me and Twilight!
Image: by JustoonSmitts

Requester: insydia
For: RU Matchmaking V2
Art Direction: Just something including the more relevant RU Pokemon working together would be ideal here. Metagross and Roserade is an example. I'd also like for the image to not be too large if possible. Other than that the artist can be as creative as they'd like. Thanks in advance!
Images: by JustoonSmitts

Requester: 5gen
For: ZeroUsed room intro
Art Direction: Silhouette of Silvally types in a row with their manes slightly coloured with a silhouette of Swanna with spread wings above them. The Silvally types should mainly feature their head and mane (can take inspiration from Silv’s Pokemon Shuffle sprite). Going to leave the choice of Silvally types up to the artist, whichever palette works best. Keep in mind Fairy, Steel, and Ghost are not ZU.
Image: by Kaiju Bunny

Requester: Sickist
For: UU Brain Teasers
Art Direction: A Jeopardy-like Gameshow stage with Scizor (wearing Alex Trebek's glasses, as well as a suit and tie) as the host of it, with Mega Altaria, Infernape, and Latias as the contestants. Thanks alot in advance from me and pif!
Image: by Cresselia92

Requester: Twilight
For: UU Checks Compendium
Art Direction: Artist has free reign here, I don't have enough imagination for this. Just make it relevant to uu by using some of the staples. You can use Scizor for example and have pokemon in the art like zeroara which soft checks, infernape which hard checks it, and Quagsire which counter it. Feel free to check out the current team compendium to use other examples of Pokemon from the S or A+ ranks to base the art off of, not fussy over which one you prefer to use from those.
Image: by JustoonSmitts

Requester: Conics (PS Username: ConicSans)
For: VGC Pokemon of the Week Series
Art Direction: I'd like a banner I can reuse for all my POTW articles in VGC. What I want on the banner is "VGC Pokémon of the Week! by Conics" + a cute/cheerful image of a normal Mudkip and a Shiny Mudkip playing together. Beyond that, art style is completely up to you! Thanks in advance!
Image: by JustoonSmitts

Requester: Ransei
For: Old Gen Hackmons Megathread (There is currently a banner which I slapped some art on and put into the OP but I want it to look more professional)
Art Direction: An ingame battle between a level 100 Deoxys-Speed and a level 2 shiny Spiritomb. Deoxys-Speed tries to use Sheer Cold on the opposing Spiritomb but Wonder Guard activates. Similar to how it does here. (If Gen 6 is used, the opposing side has their activation box in red. Any old gen can be used but I would prefer either Gen 5 or 6 due to the ability bar showing.) If this can be done, there should be a short rectangle below the art with the words "Old Gen Hackmons Megathread" on it. How Sheer Cold and Wonder Guard work (or don't work) is up to the artist's imagination.
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: Araii
For: CAP 1v1
Art Direction: I'd like a banner of a Necturna using Shell Smash, with the words "CAP 1v1" on it. Similar to 1v1's banner.
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: Araii
For: AAA 1v1
Art Direction: I'd like a banner of a Zeraora using Plasma Fists surrounded by something that looks like Electric Terrain, and also have the words "AAA 1v1" on it.
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: bigtalk
For: Ubers Teambuilding Workshop
Art Direction: You can go wherever you want with this, but try not to include mons C+ rank or lower. You are welcome to feature some of the more iconic/viable mons in Ubers such as Primal Groudon, Dusk Mane/Ultra, Arceus, Zygarde, and Marshadow. Please feature at least 1 Pokemon that was introduced in Gen 7.
Image: by JustoonSmitts

Requester: Osra
For: 1v1 Shopfront
Art Direction: Something that captures the feeling of being in a shopping district with multiple shops side by side.
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: taranteeeno
For: LC Ekans Draft
Art Direction: Requesting a banner for a team tour similar to the Smogon Snake Draft banner but of course with Ekans instead of Arbok. It doesn’t need to be exactly the same, so feel free to be as creative as you want. If you need more direction, feel free to message me. Thanks in advance!
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: Specs
For: Favorite Teams of the Generation (PU)
Art Direction: A Mesprit Skuntank & Froslass holding up a sign saying 'Favorite Gen 7 PU teams!' Then maybe just a colored background, idm what it is. Thanks!
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: Cynara
For: A ubers Old Generations hub - It is a thread that started in generation 7 but will be present in the upcoming generation 8 forum.
Art Direction: Im not entirely sure, Im not fussy at all nor am I a creative thinker, It is for the main post of the OP which is aiming to be like an introductory post to the hub. Around the theme of Old Generations and featuring the mainstays of the old generation ubers Pokemon would be nice.Do it in any direction you wish.
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: SBPC
For: NFE Old Gens Hub
Art Direction: Something with the words "NFE Old Gens" on it, with one of the top pokemon from every generation to represent them. Servine for SM, Monferno for ORAS, Gabite for BW, and Golbat for DPP
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: In The Hills
For: Sword and Shield Camomons (Generation 7's thread for reference)
Art Direction: Intellion could possibly the main focus of the picture? it has camoflauge lol idk... Mew, Clefable, Snorlax (possibly gigantamax), Chandelure could also fit
Image: by Kaiju Bunny

Requester: xavgb
For: Mix and Mega
Art Direction: I was thinking something similar to the Gen 7 thread but really anything featuring some combination of Mandibuzz, Weavile, or Dragapult would be really cool.
Image: by mangarrow

Requester: Alakazam / The Dark Alakazam
For: 1v1 Speed Tiers
Art Direction: View attachment 209667
this image, but with Choice Scarf Darmanitan-Galar about to punch a Dragapult (with or w/o text)
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: WhitePhoenixace
For: Trademarked Gen 8 forum
Art Direction: i wanted to see if I could get a depiction of kommo using clangorous soul, gengar or hydreigon using nasty plot or maybe all 3 in one image.
Image: by Gravity Monkey

Requester: Minority & Nayrz
For: Most Wanted (Major Team Tour)
Art Direction: This is a new ~100 player team tour that is being unveiled a few weeks into Generation 8 that uses a bounty system and player assassinations. We picture two to seven anthropomorphic Pokemon wearing suits holding weapons (or even held items for luls) - think Pulp Fiction / Men in Black / John Wick / No Country for Old Men aesthetic. Pokemon that are strong throughout Ubers gens 3-7 and are easy to make into humanoid shapes (like Mewtwo) work best. We also want to include at least one Pokemon which will obviously be strong in Generation 8 (like sword doggo or Aegislash). Please ask if more direction is helpful.
Image: by Kaiju Bunny

Requester: TPP
For: 2020 OU Circuit
Art Direction: Corviknight in the back or center with "OU Circuit" at the bottom or near Corviknight's feet. Corviknight in a similar pose like in the image below would be appreciated (wings spread out).
Image: by Ticken

Requester: Gross Sweep
For: RMT (RMT has a long history of using the same piece of art for all rules/resource pages, projects, competitions, and pretty much anything else RMT related and we wanted to get a new logo that will be used on all RMT related projects for the entirety of the 8th generation.
Art Direction: We'd like to give artists as much creative freedom as possible, but there are a couple things we'd like to see in the art: Either the phrase Rate My Team or the acronym RMT, The Storm Badge at least in shape - color can change for design if needed (Storm badge is the RMT badge), and all pokemon present must be fighting type - they don't have to be new this gen, but we'd prefer if they at least survived dexit (not including the ones who might get added in later).
Image: by lyd

Requester: SputnikGT
For: National Dex OU Team Bazaar
Art Direction: A cool looking banner including notable Pokemon in the metagame with a "National Dex Team Bazaar" banner down at the bottom. Metagame threats such as Kartana, Mega-Metagross, Genesect, Volcarona, and Dracovish would make for good inclusions here!
Image: by Garchomp for president

Requester: Alakazam / The Dark Alakazam
For: 1v1 Tournaments
Art Direction: A Vector Podium (the ones you see with raised levels for first, second, and third place) in a stadium (maybe in the style of a Gen 8 Gym Stadium), with Crustle in 3rd place, Sylveon in Second, and Galarian Darmanitan in first (if you want to change one of them to a Pokemon of your choice, lmk, I'm specifically choosing Pokemon that are good but not too good, in case of suspects)
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: maroon
For: Monotype Generations Tour IV
Art Direction: I want the theme to match the type of Pokemon. This year I think Dragon would be a cool pick for the art. Since the tournament is SS Monotype, USM Monotype, and ORAS Monotype I would like the pokemon to be Hatterene, Mega Gallade, and Latias, from left to right exactly in that order, maybe in like a psychic terrain or whatever background the artist feels like belongs to Psychic Pokemon.
Image: by lyd

Requester: Funbot28
For: National Dex OU Role Compendium Thread
Art Direction: Anything including notable mons like Mega Blastoise, Zygarde, Mega Metagross, Landorus-T, and like Dragapult is preferred.
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: Ransei
For: (Pure) Hackmons
Art Direction: Now that Eternatus-Eternamax is proven hackable and usable in Pure Hackmons, with all we know about it and what abilities it could run I think it's safe to say this will be a meta defining Pokemon. As a result, can we have a banner representing Eternatus-Eternamax with the words "Gen 8 Hackmons" labeled under/at the bottom of the image?
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: GMars & TDK
For: Upcoming OU project, can discuss details in PMs
Art Direction: Mr. Rime tap dancing on a stage with Rillaboom banging its drum and Toxtricity playing in the background for it. TDK requests Morpeko be included somehow
Image: by Lemingue

Requester: G-Luke
For: A Banner for the Rules and Regulations Thread.
Art Direction: I would like an image of Gardevoir as a teacher teaching 3 LC mons (not snapped) with the words "Rules and Regulations" incorporated on a chalkboard.
Image: by lyd

Requester: Merritt
Tournament name: LC Winter Seasonal
Art Direction: Just a wintery scene with Little Cup Pokemon around the title LC Winter Seasonal. Maybe a Pawniard wearing a winter coat? Request that Drifloon not be used.
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: Jho
For: SwSh CAP VR thread
Art Direction: If the Art could involve Jumbao, Tomohawk, and Equilibra that would be awesome!
Image: by lyd

Requester: G-Luke
For: Pet Mods Submission Thread
Art Direction: As long as a Chandelure is incorporated into the title I am game for anything really.
Image: by lyd

Requester: Mazz
For: UnderUsed OldGens Hub
Art Direction: This image but with a Hypno, Nidoqueen, Kangaskhan, Moltres, Heracross, Suicune, and a Scizor as the tourists. Doesn't need to be an exact replica - nor does it necessarily need a background - but the feeling of being a group in a foreign place is desired. Text above the group of seven reading "Underused OldGens Hub" please and thanks!
Image: by Kaiju Bunny

Requester: Perish Song
For: Monotype Little Cup thread
Art Direction: Pick your favorite type and include baby mons around the "monotype little cup" text. An example. (If your favourite type is either water or flying, please include Mantyke in :) ). Thank you in advance :)
Image: by rattlesnakeacrobat

Requester: TPP
Art Direction: We would like to include meta defining mons or staples from UU and past generation UU tiers. This would include Nidoqueen, Kangaskhan, Mega Aerodactyl, Scizor, and Blastoise. We would also like to request a blank spot/open space for us to later insert an image. In case it sounds unclear, the previous banner has worked well in the years it was used. Thanks in advance!
Image: by Kaiju Bunny

Requester: Abejas
For: NU bazaar
Art Direction: A banner similar to this would be wonderful with Cofagrigus, Toxicroak, Vikavolt and Garbodor as the mons used in the little boxes. Toxicroak in HO, Vikavolt in others, Cofag in Stall and Garbodor in balance preferably.

Thanks in advance!
Image: by Datsplashtho

Requester: Oathkeepre
For: NU Matchmaking
Art Direction: Something including Rhydon and other NU mons like Cofagrigus, Rapidash-G, Dubwool, and Toxicroak. Maybe a part of the art can show Cofagrigus and Dubwool with a heart in between them somehow.
Image: by Kaiju Bunny

Requester: Yoshi
For: NU Media Thread
Art Direction: Make a banner that uses NU Pokemon, says NU Media on it, and has some sort of relation to social media. DM Yoshi#4512 on Discord with any questions. Thanks!
Image: by Garchomp for president

Requester: Alakazam
Tournament name: 1v1 Spring Seasonal
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): March 29th (signups already up, thats just when r1 starts)
Art Direction: I'm thinking a cute Scorbunny in a field, Combee in the background, stylized like a kids drawing, with a crayon texture, maybe something like this but with more Spring-esque design. Idk, just a thought, but anything will do, not too picky.
Image: by AmirAlexander

Requester: Finchinator (and Eternally)
For: SS NU Viability Ranking Thread (OP will be up soon, but there is NO rush. Will be nice to have something for the long haul -- can be a few weeks)
Art Direction: Thinking something with 2-3 of the following Pokemon: Clefairy, Sandaconda, Garbodor, and Cofagrigus. Last generation, we had this and this, which were both beautiful, but quite different. I am honestly fine with just about anything, but it needs to say "Neverused Viability Ranking(s)" and include at least a couple of the aforementioned Pokemon. I am not picky at all and this is no rush at all, but please let me know if interested.
Image: by lyd

Requester: Expulso
For: RU Archetype Cores
Art Direction: It’s for the thread below, which has an artwork from Gen 6 in it - I’d love to see an update for Gen 8! The thread is about type cores, so I’d love a design that is split into 3 somehow (to represent the 3-Pokemon cores), has different colors in each section to represent 3 different types, and features 3 different SS NU pokemon.

If I worded that unclearly or if you have any questions, feel free to look at the link below or message me on discord at Expulso#7025. Ty!
Image: by Datsplashtho

Requester: pqs
For: 1v1 Break My Team
Art Direction: Something like this where it's just one singular Pokemon 3-0ing a team of 1v1 Pokemon. Something like Golurk punching away at a team of Snorlax, Tyranitar, and Mimikyu (a BMT that already happened) would be cool, but I'm open to other ideas.
Image: by Datsplashtho

Requester: poh
For: SS NU Speed Tiers, OP is up.
Art Direction: Doesn't need to be something fancy. Basically something involving Ninjask and Jolteon as they're the fastest mons in the tier or maybe Ninjask and Ferroseed (fastest vs slowest. This is what we had last gen
Image: by Brumirage

Requester: Rosa
For: 1v1 Player Interviews (reference A and B)
Art Direction: Since Absol is my favorite Pokemon and the icon I use to identify myself when talking, I was thinking an Absol with glasses and a microphone, similar to the below picture. Maybe add a Substitute doll to indicate the person being interviewed.

Image: by Brumirage

Requester: flying moose
For: Banner art for a new Other Metagame: Flipped
Art Direction: Flipped is an OU-based meta where all pokemon have their stats flipped backwards. For example, Avalugg is now a special glass cannon, as its gargantuan defense has been turned into gargantuan special attack, while its abysmal speed has now turned into abysmal HP. For the art, I would like to see one (or more, if you like) pokemon doing something reflective of their new statline, like a blazing fast Snorlax or an extremely defensive Jolteon. Pick whatever pokemon you like, but here are some possibilities, based on what I think will be influential in the metagame:
Special glass cannons: fast: :Avalugg::Hippowdon::Coalossal::Rhyperior:; normal speed :Steelix::Torkoal:; slow: :Shuckle:
Physical glass cannons: very fast::Snorlax:; slow::Shuckle::Araquanid:
Special wallbreakers/sweepers: :Gourgeist::Mandibuzz:
Physical wallbreakers/sweepers: :Goodra::Mantine::Togekiss::Virizion::Sylveon::Oranguru:
Specially defensive: :Ninjask::Hawlucha::Terrakion::Flygon::Decidueye::Unfezant:
Physically defensive: :Accelgor::Jolteon::Espeon::Roserade::Hydreigon::Noivern::Charizard::Ribombee:
Defensive on both sides: :Dragapult::Kyurem::Arcanine::Zeraora:
Very fast pokemon: :Drifblim::Lapras:
Image: by Dharma

Requester: Specs
For: PU Media Thread
Art Direction: A Raichu and Mr.Mime sitting in front of a desk reading from a script, and having a camera crew in front of them consisting of Heatmor and Beartic. Feel free to use any other mons in PU if these don't fit with the art/are difficult to draw!
Image: by Datsplashtho

Requester: Kris and Rage
For: RoA Community Choice Ladder voting (will be used every month)
Art Direction: If you can fit 7 pokemon in it, a banner with Tauros, Snorlax, Tyranitar, Jirachi, Keldeo, Clefable, and Landorus-T in it, if not all 7, then try focusing more on the pokemon near the beginning of the list
Image: by shaoda

Requester: Decem
For: SS Monotype Sample Teams
Art Direction: A banner that contains the words "SS Monotype Sample Teams" and then Pokemon related to the same type and anything you feel like would make it look better. I would prefer a "cool" type like Dragon, Dark, Steel, Fairy, Psychic, or Ground, those types of things, but really anything works as long as it's not like a rare type like Electric, Fire, Fighting, or Rock. I would also prefer to have at least one Pokemon introduced in SS to differentiate it from the SM Sample Teams banner.

Many thanks in advance!
Image: by Dharma

Requester: Ransei
For: OM Mashups roomintro.
Art Direction: Some sort of banner featuring Absol that can work in this sort of roomintro style or similar. Anything works as long as it isn't too big for a roomintro that size (without considering the buttons and text)
Image: by risi and Brumirage

Requester: Pokesartoolcay
For: 2v2 Doubles Premier League I: (Manager signups if you wanna see)
Art Direction: 2v2 PL up in front with a Kyurem-Black would be great. Kyurem Black has always been a great Pokemon in 2v2 and considering our tour will feature gens 6-8, seems like a great option.
Request Made: May 13
Image: by Datsplashtho

Requester: ImperialGamer517
For: RU Next Best Thing
Art Direction: I would recommend having a banner with the words “RU Next Best Thing” on it. Also, please feature an Alolan Raichu experimenting on different items such as Choice Specs, Choice Scarf, Colbur Berry, etc.
Image: by Jolly Togekiss ^-^

Requester: SectoniaServant
For: OM Bazaar
Art Direction: OM Bazaar should be included, but it’s up to the artist to decide what pokemon they want to add to represent OMs. Some possible choices could be
Snorlax for AAA, Sylveon for STABmons, Mew for Camomons, etc. You can have a quick look at the VRs to determine what’ll be best to add!
Image: by Gravity Monkey

Requester: Crystalites
For: NFE Resources
Art Direction: A banner which contains the words "NFE Resources". Hattrem, the premier hazard control, and Morgrem, which defines Dual Screens teams, should be featured on the banner. Anything works tho but it'd be great if their roles could be reflected.
Image: by brzozod526
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Completed Requests part III
Requester: Moutemoute
For: SS UU Speedlist & SS UU Role Compendium
Art Direction: For SS UU Speedlist I'm looking for a banner with this "style / idea" (not animated obv). With Pokemon such as Noivern/Flygon, Cobalion and a slower Pokemon like Sylveon or Weezing-Galar. For the format, something like the current banner or a bit larger. Same format for the SS UU Role Compendium but here I don't have any idea so I let the artist do whatever (s)he wants as long as the art is understandable ! It's better if the banners contains the word "UU Speedlist" or "SS UU Speedlist" and the same applies for the "UU Role Compendium" or "SS UU Role Compendium". Digital art prefered.. thanks in advance !
Images: by Lunaflare and Datsplashtho

Requester: 2xTheTap
For: SS PU Effective, Creative, and Underrated Sets Thread
Art Direction: Ultimately up to the artist, but if it could be done in a similar style to this great post above by brzozod526, that would be amazing. Something that showcases an unusual set in PU, ex. Rocky Helmet Dubwool, Eject Pack (Leaf Storm) Roselia, Heavy Duty-Boots Gourgeist, Thief Hitmontop are possible options. Totally up to the artist which pokemon they draw, but I would prefer a Pokemon from our viability rankings to be drawn (anything B- and above if you can). Thank you very much!
Image: by Ssensenh

requester: gum
for: pu team dump
art direction: would like smth similar to the nu one, with cores that fit on certain playstyles (thievul + pincurchin on offense, mawile + throh on balance, type: null + mareanie on more defensive teams, and nasty plot weak armor vullaby + choice specs wailord). if you need more ideas, lmk! ty to whoever does this c:
Image: by shaoda

Requester: ice-master-523
For: Anything Goes Premier League II
Art Direction: Something with Mega Rayquaza and Zacian-Crowned, preferably on opposite sides facing each other/fighting each other and AGPL II written in the middle.
Image: by HanSoloIndie

Requester: TJ
For: SS PU Viability Rankings Thread & SS PU Resources Thread (OP isn't up yet)
Art Direction: I don't really have anything specific in mind for these, feel free to go in whatever direction you wish. Just make sure the artwork says "PU Viability Rankings" and "PU Resources" somewhere for each. If helpful, top mons (that probably wont end up getting banned soon) include Throh, Stonjourner, Mawile, Lapras, and Beheeyem.

Images: by lyd and Dharma

Requester: n10sit
For: SwSh Doubles UU thread (contains sample teams and viability rankings)
Art Direction: A few Pokemon, either drawn or already available images, around a text logo for Doubles UU. See last gens art made by Bummer which is currently the placeholder for the thread: I don't want a copy of that art, but thats definitely the general vibe and image I want from the art.

Certain Pokemon may move between tiers more than others, and we obviously have DLC coming up, but I think a few DUU mainstays will be Pokemon like Aegislash, Kyurem, Cinderace, Inteleon, Primarina, and Jellicent. Truly, feel free to incorporate any Pokemon you see on the VR in the linked thread. Thank you so much!
Image: by Jolly Togekiss ^-^

Requester: Simbo
Art Direction: A trophy with NFEPL IV on it in the foreground, and Raboot, Dartrix, Mudbray, and Fletchinder fighting for it in the background with different coloured headbands on. It doesn't need to include all four of those mons, but at least 2 of them would be epic.
Image: by Zephyr2007

Requester: Sagisolar
For: National Dex Next Best Things
Art Direction: I want the banner to have a G-Darm using Inferno-Overdrive on a Mega Scizor with the name of the Project just above the action. Mega Scizor should have its eyes as if its shocked in terror. While G-Darm should have a funny face while doing it as it doesn't know its about to melt it.
Image: by Zephyr2007

Requester: MAMP
For: Inverse
Art Direction: A banner with the text "Inverse" for the Inverse OM, where the type chart is flipped. Could incorporate some mons that are particularly good in the metagame, like Dragapult, Obstagoon, Avalugg, Porygon2, Tangrowth, Toxtricity, Snorlax (not necessarily all of these). Would also be cool if you could work in the theme of inversion in some way, with inverted colours maybe.
Image: by Gravity Monkey

Requester: Tol
For: CAP 1v1 Metagame Discussion Thread
Art Direction: maybe smth like two teams of 3 capmons facing off would be nice? I’d like it to feature at least a couple top threats like Pyroak, Caribolt, and Pajantom.
Image: by Jolly Togekiss ^-^

Requester: Mubs
For: 2v2 Doubles Thread
Art Direction: I really like this format:

If something could be made similar to this, without the trainers and with pokemon such as Pelipper and Kingdra (on one side) and Indeedee-F and Alakazam on the other side, with 2v2 Doubles in the middle, that would be great! Thanks in advance.
Image: by Zephyr2007

Requester: Kalalokki
For: Smogon Social Media
Art Direction:

Looking for someone to make a general social media banner to represent all our different avenues (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, twitch) in one. Koffing is a must but otherwise the discretion is up to the artist themselves.

Send me a message on Discord (Kalalokki#9999) if this is something you'd like to tackle!
Image: by Zephyr2007

Requester: Mateeus
Tournament name: Monotype Ladder Tournament
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): 27/July/2020
Art Direction: Something similar to this, but colored and more SS Monotype-themed (using SS Monotype staples over Greninja; linking the tier's VR):

Image: by Brumirage

Requester: Sickist
For: UU Matchmaking v2
Art direction: I feel like this is self explanatory, although I would love if the artist could take a different approach then like a tv/game show style banner. Other than that, it's artists free range, as long as UU pokemon are used! Thanks and good luck!
Image: by Fusion Flare

Requester: keppy
For: PU Player of the Week.
Art direction: Togetic happily interviewing a angry/confused Marowak, holding a thick club to Marowak's face as if it was a microphone. The mic is right next to Togetic but they hasn't noticed that they're actually holding the thick club instead.
They're sitting down on chairs (though Togetic is still flying right above the chair) on an open space. Maybe just a bit of green like a palm tree on the side. Artist can choose whichever type of background they consider reasonable.

The dimensions of this artwork could be used for reference, though obviously the style of the art could be different:

Thank you to whoever is doing this!
Image: by Zephyr2007

Requester: HailFall
For: RU Bazaar
Art Direction: Xatu, Klefki, and Virizion out in the streets looking at something like a vegetable stand with "RU Bazaar" on the sign perhaps? Feel free to change the mons/bend the scenario if u want, that just sounded kinda cute in my head.
Image: by Gummy

Requester: Splash
Tournament name: Monotype OM Cup
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Sunday August 16th 2020
for Art direction :
Corphish - represent mono lc
Electrium Z crystal with Tapu Koko and Mega Venusaur with venusaurite to represent National dex Monotype
Terrakion to represent both AAA Monotype and STABmons Monotype

artist can use inspiration from all these but can also use any type of format/logo/design
Image: by Brumirage

Requester: Mateeus
For: National Dex Monotype
Art Direction: A simple banner containing "National Dex Monotype" with some of the tier's staples (examples: Dragapult, Darmanitan-Galar, Tapu Koko, Greninja, Corviknight, Toxapex). Preferably something like this:
Image: by Lunaflare

Requester: pichus
For: National Dex Premier League
Art Direction: simple banner with a Latias, Xerneas and Clefable (left to right, xerneas in the middle) with "National Dex Premier League" written in the middle.
Image: by Dharma

Requester: G-Luke
For: CAP Old Gen and OM Thread
Art Direction: The art should prominently feature the CAPs Tomohawk, Scrachet, Aurumoth, Colossoil, Jumbao and Electrelk in sports jerseys doing a line up. Each jersey will be labeled the metagame each CAP represents (Doubles, LC, ORAS, UU, USUM and NFE respectively).













This banner would be greatly appreciated!
Image: by Zephyr2007

Requester: anaconja
For: National Dex BH
Art Direction: A banner with "National Dex BH" or "National Dex Balanced Hackmons", whichever you'd prefer. I'd like to show the staples of the metagame, so at least a few of (Electric Surge or Download) Groudon-Primal, (Primordial Sea or Tough Claws) Greninja-Ash, (Magic Guard or Sheer Force) Mewtwo-Mega-Y, Zacian-Crowned, (Fur Coat or Magic Bounce) Zygarde-Complete. Since Arceus is extremely common I definitely want one of the top ranked types on the banner (you pick which type).
Image: by shaoda

Requester: Mubs
For: 2v2 Classic I
Art Direction: Kyurem-Black with "2v2 Classic" written in the middle. It'd be great to have the banner in grey.
Image: by Lunaflare

Requester: Merritt
Tournament name: LC Fall Seasonal
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Probably October 4th
Art Direction: Something cute and autumn flavored would be nice, camping or something similar around the title LC Fall Seasonal. Maybe a Mienfoo in a flannel? Would request that it only use currently legal LC Pokemon.

Reference for Winter Seasonal's amazing art by Blazenix if that helps.

Image: by Zephyr2007

Requester: rozes
For: NU Snake Draft (
Projected Deadline: Player signups will be up next sunday; week 1 november 1st.
Art Direction: Maybe something around Sandaconda? Could use other snake pokemon as well, but not a ton are viable in NU aside from Sandaconda. Artist can pick.

I know for tournaments its supposed to be up before signups; but we decided on this tour just a couple days ago, and since player signups arent up yet I figured there is enough time for the artist to still get all the exposure.
Image: by Zephyr2007

Requester: Roxiee
For: NU's Next Best Thing
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): already live, whenever you get time, no rush.
Art Direction: A Lanturn holding/projecting a Light/Spotlight with Aromatisse posing in front >.<
Image: by Gravity Monkey

Requester: roxiee
Tournament name: NU Crown Tundra Cup
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): November 9th/10th
Art Direction: Ninetales in the middle of the art with its eyes glowing and "tails" risen to form a beam-like glow (that spells Nu Crown Tundra Cup) in the air, a plain grass meadow would be nice
Image: by Seo.

Requester: Earthworm
Tournament name: GSC PL
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Hoping to post manager signups as soon as possible. The player signups would go up on the 7th of December (very sorry for the short notice!). I hope this is okay, since others appear to have done it.
Art Direction: I like the RBY PL logo so I was thinking something at least somewhat similar would be good, i.e. having at least one Pokemon that represents each tier that will be in the tournament. As for the Pokemon that represent the different tiers, Snorlax for OU seems mandatory despite it not being a gen 2 Pokemon. Lugia seems appropriate for Ubers but would also be okay with Ho-Oh, one of Granbull / Nidoqueen / Scyther for UU, and Xatu seems like the obvious choice for NU. If any of those are too uninspiring let me know and I can suggest other Pokemon. I don't mind if it is done in a retro style or not. The text "GSC PL" or "GSC Premier League" should appear prominently.

Thanks so much for offering this kind of service, I love everyone's work and I look forward to seeing what comes of this request!
Image: by momo!

Requester: Boat
Tournament name: 1v1 Winter Seasonal
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): December 20th
Art Direction: rachi and victini playing in the snow w/ 1v1 Winter Seasonal III as text
Image: by momo!

Requester: Airwind
Tournament name: Nostalgia for SM CAP
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): after christmas
Art Direction: up to the artist but it needs to have Jumbao and tornadus pls
Image: by momo!

Requester: Geysers
For: AG Core Ladder Challenge
Art Direction: Ideal Pokemon to feature are any 3-4 of Xerneas, Yveltal, Necrozma-DM, Zekrom, Zygarde, and Zacian-C. Ideally, the words "Core Ladder Challenge" or some variant on them would be visible. I think it would be kinda neat if one or all of the Pokemon were climbing a ladder, although this is by no means mandatory. Thanks!
Image: by Albinson

Requester: Thinkerino
For: OM Theorymon
Projected Deadline: Hopefully by Dec. 20
Art Direction: Looking for art to be on the OP for the thread. Design can be anything you want, would like it to feature Regieleki, Slowking-Galar, and Clefable--it should also have "OM Theorymon" in it.
Image: by momo!

Requester: in the hills
For: Updated art for Camomons
Projected Deadline: no rush :)
Art Direction: Okay so the concept of Camomons is basically "Pokémon change type to match their first two moves." So basically my idea is a Mew playing around with a Swampert, and the Mew has camouflaged itself to have Swampert's color (or anything to make it look like Swampert kind of) to signify Water/Ground typing, and the Swampert could have like a shocked face. While Mew is necessary for this art, I'd be open to some alternatives to Swampert if they'd be easier, namely Corviknight, Landorus-T or Gyarados, but I'd it just to be Mew+the other Pokemon... hope this is clear enough

Would prefer it to be kind of cutesy but honestly another art style could look really cool too!! Up to whoever takes it really, let me know if you have any questions.
Image: by momo!

Requester: Ropalme1914
For: SwSh Ubers Bazaar
Art Direction: I was thinking something like Eternatus on its own tent with a sign written "Get your teams here!" decorated with items with other Ubers as if they were also being sold, such as Xerneas toys, Kyogre carpets, Zygarde-Complete (or even cells (or both lol) if it fits the aesthetic more) keychains, etc (those three are the main ones that I want featured, but if the artist wants other suggestions to fill the items, Necrozma-DM, Groudon, Yveltal, Ho-Oh, and Marshadow are also good options to represent the Ubers metagame). The items themselves also don't necessarily need to be those suggested.
Image: by Albinson

Requester: baconeatinassassin
For: Anything Goes Snake Draft I
Projected Deadline: as soon as possible, preferably sometime in the next week or two
Art Direction: base it around any legendary snake/snake-like pokemon eg. eternatus, zygarde, rayquaza
Image: by Albinson

Requester: Maxomega
For: (Ubers Core Ladder Challenge)
Art Direction: I was thinking of something featuring three or four of the following Pokemon: Zygarde (complete or 50%), Xerneas, Yveltal, Kyogre, Groudon, Necrozma-Dusk-Mane, Calyrex-Shadow, Marshadow, Eternatus ; and featuring a ladder (maybe a Pokemon climbing on it) to represent the project. It would be great if the name of the project "Ubers Core Ladder Challenge" is written on the art. Thanks!
Image: by Albinson

Register: Maxomega
For: Ubers Set Compendium
Art Direction: I was thinking of a library where two or three Pokemon (of the following list: Marshadow, Zekrom, Reshiram, Landorus-Incarnate, Yveltal, Groudon; these Pokemon because they can hold books in their "hands") are searching (or reading / picking) books. It would be great if the name of the project "Ubers Set Compendium" is written on the art. Thanks!
Image: by greenandgrey77

Requester: National Dex VR team
For: National Dex VR Banner
Art Direction: Happy with any sort of design but should feature some amount of the following Pokemon: Clefable, Mega Scizor, Gliscor, Ash-Greninja, Mega Tyranitar, Landorus-T, Heatran.. As many or as few as the artist wants ^^. Should also contain the words "National Dex Viability Rankings" preferably central if possible.
Image: by Gravity Monkey

Requester: MZ
Tournament name: 2021 PU Circuit
Art Direction: Tried to wait until the tier shift to see what Pokemon might stay good and relevant without ever leaving PU but that's a tough call. I think 1-2 of Druddigon, Talonflame, and Whimsicott are probably good choices. Otherwise I'm just looking for a general piece saying 2021 circuit to be used for all our tours this year.
Image: by NB402141

Requester: Solaros & Lunaris
For: National Dex Teambuilding Competition
Art Direction: Honestly have no clue what direction to go with this lmao. I’d prefer it to have some sort of construction vibe with currently popular but not suspect worthy (read: Magearna, Spectrier, Mega Latias, Slowbro) mons on there. Pokemon like Weavile, Zapdos, Corviknight, Mega Mawile, Mega Medicham, Cinderace, Clefable, Toxapex, and Mega Scizor would be solid starting points. I don’t have a due date in mind for this since its been outdated. Thanks in advance!
Image: by NB402141

Requester: 2spoopy4u
For: CAP Good Cores
Art Direction: Something with Equilibra + Clefable or Kerfluffle + Slowking in it would be good, either is fine. "CAP Cores" should also be written somewhere on the design, but other than that I'm not picky at all. would also be nice if the background was transparent :)
Image: by Zephyr2007

Requester: Zneon
For: National Dex Teambuilding Lab
Art Direction: I don't really have one in mind to be honest, I just want it to be simple. As for the Pokemon featured, Cinderace, Mega Latias, Mega Scizor and Gliscor to be included in some way. Again, I have no idea where to go with art direction so you can go however you want.

Thanks in advance! :blobthumbsup:
Image: by Gummy

Requester: Thinkerino
For: Almost Any Ability main thread
Art Direction: The only specifics I'd like to see are that it says "Almost Any Ability" on it, is colorful, and features Tapu Fini, Noivern, and Corviknight. Otherwise, feel free to take liberties on art direction :D. Preferably, I'd like to have this by Jan. 23 latest if possible.
Image: by brzozod526

Requester: Roxiee
For: CAPMono VR (incoming Mega Thread on CAP Subforum)
Art Direction: Kerfluffle hugging a VR pillow with clouds and swirls surrounding it. A Cloud that says "CAP Mono VR" in the middle sounds fine too
Image: by Albinson

Requester: Mx
For: CAP 2021 Circuit
Art Direction: We were thinking about something with a trophy based on Equilibra's design with Tomohawk and Tornadus-T holding it on each side.
Image: by Lemingue

Requester: maroon
For: Monotype Generations Tour V
Art Direction: I want the theme to match the type of Pokemon. This year I think Ghost would be a cool pick for the art. Since the tournament is SS Monotype, USM Monotype, and ORAS Monotype, I would like the pokemon to be Dragapult, Mega Sableye, and Aegislash from left to right exactly in that order. Since the theme is Ghost-types, can you make the overall theme spooky. The tournament's signups are on February 8th, so if the art could be done before then, it would be appreciated.
Image: by Zephyr2007

Requester: Twilight
For: UU Teambuilding Competition
Art Direction: The artist may take whatever approach they want. Just include some UU staples like Victini, Scizor, Zeraora, Keldeo, Krookodile, Tangrowth, Azumarill to list a few. Pick as many as you want to include in the art. Feel free to choose other options from the VR, ideally keep it to stuff from A- and above.

Ty in advance.
Image: by tiki

Requester: Raahel
Art Direction: Nothing in specific only that has pokemon of pu like Riboombe, Archeops, Passimian among others and that says ""SS PU Good Cores""
Image: by leil

Requester: Bebo
For: RU Sample Teams
Art Direction: togekiss zarude raikou and under it saying RU samples you can do it however you'd like

please and thank you very much!
Image: by NB402141

Requester: steelskitty
For: SS Ubers Viability Rankingssketti did a great job with the original art nearly a year ago, but since then we've banned Zacian-C and firmly established that Zamacenta-C lacks a metagame niche. While I still like their art, it's not really representative of SS Ubers anymore and could use an update.
Art Direction: I would prefer something high-contrast and relatively faithful to the way Ubers Pokemon look — don't be afraid to use hard edges or make things look powerful or scary. Avoid including Calyrex-Shadow, Gothitelle, and Zacian-Hero, and stay away from everything lower than C+ rank. Also have at least one Pokemon that's Ubers by tiering. You can have one Pokemon or a few, but if it's only one it should be really representative of the metagame (think Kyogre, Xerneas, Zygarde-Complete, Yveltal, Eternatus, or Necrozma-Dusk-Mane).
Image: by HanSoloIndie

requester: 2spoopy4u
for: ORAS CAP hub - our SM hub got some amazing artwork done recently and we want to put up an oras hub soon with art of its own
art direction: something with clefable, mega metagross, and mega crucibelle in the banner with text saying "ORAS CAP Resources". they could all be interacting in some way or they could just be in cool dynamic poses or something, frankly I don't have anything specific in mind so just take it in whatever direction you want :heart:
Image: by Gummy

Requester: Lasen
For: SS CAP "Don't Use This! Use That!"
Art Direction: I'd like to see a CAP looking like it's menacing over something that is a regular Pokemon, with our initial idea being Tomohawk looking at a scared Tangrowth with the text "Don't Use This! Use That!" added somewhere. There is no specific Pokemon that we need to have at the forefront, so the artist could very well choose a better pair by comparing the CAP VR with the OU one.

thank you very much in advance :blobuwu:
Image: by Albinson

Requester: atomicllamas
Art Direction:

Basically something involving solid UU Pokémon from over the years. In addition to the 5 above, good options would be like Venusaur, Milotic, Victini, or Krookodile. I’m not too picky so something in a style similar to the above with 3-7Pokémon that represent a UU gen would be sick. Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks!
Image: by Gummy

Requester: Moutemoute & Dlanyer
For: French Translations Hub
Art Direction: Hey there it's been a while since I'm thinking about that and today Dlanyer and I would like to request a logo for the French translations hub. We didn't change the main one since pretty much forever even tho our great Cretacerus made something really nice about 2 years ago to advertise the whole Translations Project (first art in the second "hide"). With that in mind, we'd like to get a logo with that cute Porygon-Z that you can find below in the second "hide". Holding a baguette with a sailor boat and a beret. We'd like to have the French Flag pretty much like the Portugues and Italian project as well as "Hub Français" (like in the main current one). Thanks in advance for the one who'll deal with this, we're looking for something as clean as possible like the ones below. Feel free to DM me on Smogon or Discord Moutemoute#9776 to talk about this more in details.

Image: by RavioliQueen

Requester: Geysers
Art Direction: Run wild! Ideally it would have the words "AG What're Their Lasts" somewhere, and feature AG staples like any of Zacian-C, Calyrex-S, Yveltal, Zygarde-C, Necrozma-DM, or Kyogre.
Image: by HanSoloIndie

Requester: Martin
For: Cong's Anime Club
Art Direction: Pikachu in a Naruto costume doing the Naruto run while using Double Team (clone jutsu) would be funny.
Image: by Fusion Flare

Requester: 2xTheTap
For: SwSh PU Teambuilding Lab (OP not yet posted)
Art Direction: If you could please draw 2-3 Pokemon from our viability rankings (rank B- and up) and also include the text "PU Teambuilding Lab", I would appreciate it! If the artist could use a similar style to this post or this post, that'd be perfect. This is up to the artist which Pokemon they'd like to draw, but if you need ideas, I like using Toxicroak, Xatu, Togedemaru, Weezing, Centiskorch, etc. in the current meta. Thank you very much!
Image: by Zephyr2007

Requester: Solaros & Lunaris
For: National Dex Community Create A Team
Art Direction: Again, awful at art direction, but given this is a community driven project to build teams, I would like to see multiple Pokemon trying to build something. Take all the time you need.
Image: by Dybala jr

Requester: jcbc
For: Doubles LC Viability Rankings
Art Direction: Some art that fits mienfoo, ponyta, cottonee and vullaby in a race where mienfoo is first, ponyta second and cottonee and vulla third but tied. Hope is not to hard, take all the needed time. ^^
Image: by Albinson

Requester: Bread Sandwich
Art Direction: Have an AG Viable pokemon being teamed up on by a few pokemon that beat it, Ex:( Zacian Getting Teamed up on by Necrozma-Dusk mane, Quagsire, and Ditto)
Image: by DreamPrince

Requester: avarice
For: SS UU creative and underrated sets
Art Direction: maybe smth as a scientist or artist? is what we had previously, but would like pokemon relevant in DLC2 this time (like mew, kyurem, or kommo-o since stuff like zeraora and slowking seem likely to rise)
Image: by leil

Requester: jcbc
For: Doubles LC Role Compendium
Art Direction: Back with another request, this time it would be for role compendium and the idea i had in mind was rufflet on a lab coat being a "teacher" that teaches 3 of the tier 5 pokemons (i'll leave it to the artist to pick this 3, i hyperlinked to the VR to make it easier to find) and in the blackboard the "role compendium" title.
Hope is not to hard, take all the needed time. ^^
Whoever gets this if there's anything you would like to ask or if you want to show the WIP while you work on it, just dm in discord: jc#9117 ty
Image: by Albinson

Requester: Ransei
For: Retro Other Metagames Index
Art Direction: A Mega Audino in the center with a Chansey to the right and Snorlax to the left. The title Retro Other Metagames on the bottom. Maybe something in a retro or old timey art style!
Image: by Fusion Flare

Requester: Geysers
For: AG Ghosting Tour
Art Direction: Ideally something involving AG-viable ghosts, such as Marshadow and Giratina, fighting, but if you have a better idea, go for it!
Image: by DreamPrince

Requester: jcbc
For: Doubles LC Samples Teams
Art Direction: Back at it with another request, this timeci was thinking of some pokemon (i'd let this up to the artist) doing a museum visit with a camera or some of this details. In the "museum" needs to be either a sculture of some mon/s (from tier 2 or above, this is also up to the artist) or a painting with a mon (same requisites). Hope is nothing to complicated. As always for better contact dm me on discord jc#9117
Image: by DreamPrince

Requester: Abhisdn417
For: SS OU Community Create-A-Team
Art Direction: I don't really have any direction that I'd like but if you could incorporate Heatran into it somehow that would be very cool :blobthumbsup:
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: Redflix
For: (project) OM Ladder Achievements
Art Direction: Dont really have a particular way in mind but want atleast a ladder in the background of the art
thnx in advance
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: Fc
For: AG Teambuilding Compendium
Art Direction: Feel like this can go in many directions so I'll leave it a little open, but should feature some top metagame mons like Calyrex-S, Zacian-C, Yveltal, Kyogre, etc. either learning about teambuilding or roles in some way or building teams. The way that's expressed can be however flows best so anything in that theme should work great.
Image: by HanSoloIndie

Requester: Corthius
For: (project) SWSH NU Research Week
Art Direction: refering to this dex entry. So the idea is a Machamp (in a lab coat and also wearing safety goggles) that holds a test tube in one of its hands that are 'infront' if yk what i mean. In this test tube is Vaporeon that is basically a liquid (Ig you could call it a puddle of Vaporeon). It would be cool if the Vapreon still had its face to recognize it as such)
In the other 'front hand' of Machamp should be a book, color and Book cover doesnt matter, ill leave that up to you. One of the hands on the back should take notes on a board that is standing next to the table the Machamp is standing behind. It would be cool if the last hand could scratch Machamps head like he is skeptical of the outcome of this experiment.
The backround can be w/e can be blank, can be some more 'lab environment', up to you.

Thanks in advance to the poor person understanding and creating this. Please let me know via pms here or on Disc if I made something not clear.
Image: by greenandgrey77

Before I post this, I understand that there's kind of a time crunch so if it isn't possible within the proposed timeframe, that's fine. I wasn't totally certain about approval, so I didn't want to waste anyone's time with a request -> unused combo.
Requester: Think
Tournament name: Tours Plaza Monthly Championship (TPMC)
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): May 1st, 2021
Art Direction: Anything that has "TPMC" and features a Regigigas will be more than adequate; otherwise, please feel
Image: by DreamPrince

Requester: Rotten
For: National Dex Monotype Team Bazaar
Art Direction: A bunch of tier staples like Greninja, Celesteela, Urshifu-S, etc. (linking the VR) holding up a sign that says "NatDex Mono Team Bazaar" would be pretty cool. You can be more creative if you'd like.
Image: by Fusion Flare

Requester: beRRyrock
For: Other Metas Fantasy Premier League
Art Direction: any of the ideas below would be great, but I would be absolutely ecstatic for any art at all. Everything is completely open to any artists’ interpretation

1. “fantasy” theme (think: knights, dragons, castles, etc- galar rapidash, dragonite, aegislash, or others)

2. Fantasy Football (a pokemon wearing a football helmet that says OMPL Fantasy on it, something holding an American football?) maybe something related to a sports score sheet, possibly with famous OM mascots (Audino, Drampa, Mr Mime, Surskit, bonsly)

text should say “OMPL Fantasy” or “OM Fantasy Premier League”, whichever fits better
Image: by Albatr0ss

Requester: Rotten
For: SS AG Next Best Thing
Art Direction: Preferably an AG threat using an unusual item / set (like Choice Scarf Yveltal or Will-O-Wisp + Hex Calyrex-S), along with the banner "AG Next Best Thing" at the top.
Image: by Albatr0ss

Requester: vani
For: DPP PL (team tournament with DPP tiers)
Art Direction: Here are examples of the other Old Gen PL's (RBY, GSC, ADV), but the artist can choose which art style they wanna use. DPP PL should be on the art. For the mons on the logo I would say that there should be 3-4 mons. 1-2 OU Pokemon definetly and maybe 1 UU and 1 Ubers Pokemon. The artist can choose which of these match the best for the art, but the Pokemon that are gonna be used should be on top of the Viability Ranking in their tier.
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Manager signups probably start this Sunday so that's a bit of a short deadline, therefore it'd be nice if it's possible to have the art ready for the Player Signups on May 23rd.
Image: by Meganium1579

Requester: Lutra
For: Stadium OU Viability Rankings
Art Direction: An animation of Chansey, bright theatrical fog making it disappear and then a Substitute doll appearing its place when the fog has lifted. Stadium OU Viability Rankings as a title below. See RBY Ubers VR Art by Kaiju Bunny and the Pokémon Stadium Substitute animation for inspiration.
Image: by DreamPrince

Requester: Jett
For: ZU Player of the Week
Art Direction: My idea was to have Hattrem (interviewer) holding a sheet of paper with a supposed bunch of questions sitting in one chair facing towards Ditto (interviewee) sitting in the other chair, and then a camera on a tripod in the foreground facing the two Pokemon recording the interview. Would love it if it also said ZU Player Of The Week above the art as well or somewhere in the scene as well. Thanks in advance.
Image: by Albatr0ss

Requester: Merritt
Tournament Name: LCPL X
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Likely June 5th or 6th
Art Direction: Would strongly prefer at least one relevant LC Pokemon from each of the past 5 generations (DPP: Gastly/Gligar/Munchlax, BW: Mienfoo/Hippopotas/Porygon, XY: Pawniard/Fletchling/Foongus, SM: Diglett/Vullaby/Snivy, SWSH: Onix/Grookey/Koffing) though the ones listed here are just examples. Would be nice to have two lines facing off around the text LCPL X.

Image: by Gummy

Requester: pichus
For: Anything goes premier league
Art direction: something simple with primal groudon, mega rayquaza, and primal kyogre (left, middle, right), and AGPL written in the middle.
Deadline: before 7th june would be great!
Image: by sleepyzen

Requester: Aurodian
Tournament name: National Dex Economy Tour
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Ideally before Round 1 on Friday 4th of June but anytime early in the tour is fine.
Art Direction: Probably something around a pokemon from the meowth line and a meta defining pokemon like landorus-t dealing with money, but don't generally have anything special in mind.
Image: by omi ♥

Requester: Corthius
For: SSNU Good Cores
Art Direction: So my idea was a Diancie sitting at a little table together with Guzzlord having a tea-time with Guzzlord (obviously) being way to big for the furniture but still adoring the efford Diancie put into it. On the table should be classic tea time things e.g. tea cups and a teapot, maybe some cookies too but that's up to the artist what looks best (Ill take full responsability if I dont like it LOL).
The text above the 'scene' should say "Good NU Cores", I have no preferences for the color, I would appreciate if the artist who takes this helps me out by chosing a friendly looking front family and color :)

Thanks in advance :)
Image: by royalfluxh

Requester: emma
For: RBY OU Viability Rankings
Art Direction: "RBY OU Viability Rankings" with the three most defining Pokemon of RBY (Tauros, Snorlax, Chansey) being the focus. I have no specific ideas, so any direction you feel is best would be great.
Projected Deadline: None specifically since the thread is already live, but if you could get it done within two weeks (Wednesday June 9th) that would be really appreciated!

Thank you so much!
Image: by lei

Requester: Lilburr
For: UU Sets Viability Rankings (similar to:
Art Direction: Honestly I'm fine with a lot of creative liberty being taken. Most things relatively highly ranked (A or higher) on our viability rankings would fit fine except Scizor and Mew since those are projected to leave us in July. Some recommendations:

A sleeping Primarina (bc of its RestTalk set - bonus points if it's pulling Scald or something in its sleep)
An Aegislash behind King's Shield (bc of its King's Shield + Toxic set)
A Tangrowth or Galarian Slowbro - or both! - wearing Assault Vests
A Kommo-o wearing an Eject Pack
A Krookodile wearing a Choice Scarf
A Salamence dropping a Draco Meteor on the aforementioned Galarian Slowbro or a Hurricane on the Primarina would be cool if it's possible but I understand this is getting super complex omg I'm sorry

Text should just says "(SS) UU Sets Viability Rankings" ("SS" in brackets bc idm if it's included or not). If anything here is unclear feel free to let me know via Smogon DM or on Discord (Lily#5738) and I'd love to talk about this more bc I have lots of ideas but am not the best at articulating. Thank you so much in advance!!
Image: by Fusion Flare

Requester: jcbc
For: Doubles Little Cup OP
Art Direction: Well so since this would be the main art piece when you go into the tier i would like it to look majestuous. And i was thinking about a joust where on one side we have Cottonee riding a ponyta and on the other side a Porygon riding a Mudbray with Mienfoo being the king looking at the joust (in the middle of the screen) on its throne with a banner on top of him saying "DOUBLES LITTLE CUP".

Hope its not to complicated i would also like it to have some minimum quality since its going to be the "main art" of the tier so im taking full responsability if i dont like it.

Whoever gets this feel free to dm me on discord for more details or just to talk about the piece jc#9117
Image: by Albatr0ss

Requester: z0mOG
For: Art for a tournament that will be running very shortly.
Art Direction: Would like to keep it to DM, if any artist is willing to talk details on discord.

pls LMK, z0mog#9051
Image: by omicorio

Requester: Tysonslayer
SWSH OU Spread Compendium
Art Direction: Show a Tornadus-T being able to live an Ice Beam from Kyurem with the ev spread used as an example post.
Image: by Albatr0ss

Requester: avarice
For: UU Low Budget Tournament
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): June 27th
Art Direction: aegislash vs guzzlord or slowbro-g vs dragalge could b cool (maybe just in a sketch form to reflect low budget?), or smth w an empty wallet. any direction is fine really as long as it does not include mew or scizor since those are rising to ou. uu vr

thanks in advance :blobthumbsup:
Image: by risi

Requester: |Powerman|
For: Doubles OU NBT
Art Direction: I'm thinking of a fashion design with rillaboom putting on a choice band.
Image: by royalfluxh

Requester: Sickist
For: UU Cores
Art Direction: Free reign pretty much, just try to include some top mons (i.e. Primarina, Keldeo, Tangrowth, Salamence, Aegislash, w/e). Thank you!
Image: by royalfluxh

Requester: Twilight
For: UU Team Building Lab
Art Direction: Feel free to do what you want creativity wise. Try to include some/all of the following UU Pokemon of your choosing: Lycanroc-Dusk, Zarude, Keldeo. You are free to use any other Pokemon from the current VR (A- and above) if more conveniant.

Ty in advance
Image: by Albatr0ss

Requester: Windingsss
For: SS OU Lure That Threat
Art Direction: My idea was a battlefield with a Heatran (Pokemon to be lured) and a Specs Dragapult fighting, where the Pult pulls Hydro Pump and Heatran reacts scared, but a lot of creativity can be taken; the only specific thing that i'd like would be the Pokemon (Heatran and Dragapult). Thank you in advance! :heart:
Image: by DreamPrince

Requester: Micoy
Tournament name: Tours Plaza Premiere
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): August 2nd
Art Direction: Tours Plaza Premiere III banner + Marshadow standing above the banner
Image: by Albinson

Requester: Eggs McGee
For: STAAABmons Thread
Art Direction: We're looking for a new STAAABmons banner with a few Pokemon on it. The only one required is Chansey, feel free to add any Pokemon featured in the original post of the STAAABmons Thread (Garchomp, Heatran, Heliolisk, etc), or Pokemon A rank or higher on the Viability Rankings
Image: by DreamPrince

Requester: jcbc
For: Doubles Multi-Tier League
Art Direction: So i was thinking on a scene where Mienfoo, Spectrier and Rillaboom are fighting and about to clash one coming from one way and at the middle of all 3 the text of the tour.
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): 31st of July
Image: by SnorkleDove

Requester: Marjane
Art Direction:
I'd like to make it a tradition where every pl you would include the previous top4 teams or whatnot so I made a little example of how I imagined it but feel free to take any creative liberty with the piece. This is just to get the gist.
View attachment 355225
The corsola here is a trophy cuz they're the reigning team at the moment and you have the other three fighting for the title. also if you're feeling up to it you could make reference to the team names so (Monferno Mafia, Cursed Corsolas, Morgrem Freemans, Deez Nuzleafs) but obviously, the last one probably isn't appropriate for smogon lol so do with that what you want)
Image: by in the hills

Requester: Oathkeepre
For: ZUPL Logo
Art Direction: I will leave it up to the artist's discretion. Would like some top ZU mons like Alcremie/Tangela/Rotom for example with a ZUPL III logo

ZUPL starts in 2 weeks so this is a hot ticket art!!! :blobthumbsup:
by SnorkleDove

Requester: MudkipBeans
Tournament name: National Dex Ladder Tounament
Art Direction: I leave it to the artists discretion but do try to include one Mega Pokémon if you decide to do multiple
Image: by femboy

Requester: Bondie
For: Monotype Room Events Megathread
Art Direction: Could the text be "Monoype Room Events" please, and Pokemon-wise our mascot is Mantyke, as well as Surskit, Mudkip and any other LC Water-types you wish to include :).
Image: by DreamPrince

Requester: Scrap2
For: National Dex OU Spread Compendium Thread
Art Direction: PM for Directions

Please add me on discord if you could help out! ID is Scrappie#2853
Image: by SnorkleDove

Requester: emma
For: RBY OU Sample Teams
Art Direction: My two main ideas are either Exeggutor, Chansey, or Jynx putting Starmie or Alakazam to sleep or Zapdos and Rhydon facing off -- whatever's easier for the artist, although I would prefer the first if you have no preference.

The thread is already up so there is no rush whatsoever. This is also a very low priority project, so please don't worry about getting this done if there is more important art. If you want to talk more you can add me on Discord at emma#0404.

Thank you artists for all the incredible work you do!
Image: by lcleffa

Requester: jcbc
For: Doubles LC Viability Ranks
Art Direction: The current banner we have has a banned pokemon and i want to give it a new one.
The art would consist on a climbing wall where mienfoo is the one who climbee the most followed by rufflet (can be flying) and foongus at the bottom trying to climb up.
Image: by Gummy

Requester: jcbc
For: Speed Tiers of Doubles LC
Art Direction: Same reasoning as the art above, ponyta is not in the tier anymore. For this one i've thought about some pokemons playing basketball; it would feat an elekid making a dunk, staryu trying to block the score mid air, Grookey starting the jump and Spritzee tripped on the ground. In the shirts of the pokemons the number would be the speeds of each pokemon (20 for elekid, 19 for staryu, 17 for grookey and 6 for spritzee). It also needs to fit the Doubles LC Speed Tier banner somewhere. I'm sorry if this might be to hard, my dms are open for whoever get this be it here or in cord to talk abt the art or abt some changes that can be made to get the job to be easier/to get a more liked piece for both sides.
Image: by smokeyinferno

Requester: emma
For: Doubles OU Sample Teams
Art Direction: My one idea was Diancie or Porygon2 setting Trick Room and then Volcanion or Amoonguss attacking. Any direction that includes common Doubles OU Pokemon (Rillaboom, Kyurem-Black, Amoonguss, Diancie, Dragapult, Genesect, Heatran, Incineroar, Tapu Fini, Urshifu-Rapid-Strike, Volcanion, Zapdos, Zeraora, Zygarde, Metagross, Mew, Porygon2, Tapu Lele, Naganadel, Landorus-Incarnate) would be great. If you would like to pitch your idea to me and then I can approve that works too but I trust you artists to do a great job regardless.

Same as my request for RBY OU Sample Teams Art: The thread is already up so there is no rush whatsoever. This is also a very low priority project, so please don't worry about getting this done if there is more important art. If you want to talk more you can add me on Discord at emma#0404.

Once again, thank you to everyone!
Image: by SnorkleDove

Requester: kjnjkmjk1
Tournament name: CAP LC Revival Tournament
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): October 17 (this upcoming Sunday)
Art Direction: I was thinking it should include strong competitive CAP LCs like Solotl, Cawdet, Dorsoil, or Embirch, and given that this is a tournament, you could have them facing off against each other. Other than that, as long as the name shows up in the art, I don't have any further direction.
Image: by RavioliQueen

Requester: Monky25
Tournament Name: UU Mega Revolution Tournament
Projected Deadline: October 24 (a week from now) would be great, though if it needs to take a few days longer it would be fine
Art Direction: I would like it to include Mega Manectric, Mega steelix, and mega gyarados as the main Pokémon on the cover. Other than that, it’s free reign for the artist!

Thanks in advance to whoever completes this,
I’m sure it will look amazing!
Image: by Albinson

Requester: jcbc
Resource Name: Doubles LC Sample Team
Art Direction: in action screen of archen summoning tailwind from the back and then gastly (with angry face and some will-o-wisps around him) and scraggy (dropping a kick) charging front. Doubles LC Samples on bottom of the image.

Thanks in advance to whoever completes this, I’m sure it will look amazing!
Image: by Gaboswampert
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Completed Requests part IV

Requester: Celebiii
For: UU Secret Santa 2021
Art Direction: Any SWSH UU Pokemon participating in some festive gift-giving would be great! If you need an idea, Magnum had a great suggestion: a Hydreigon with Christmas hats on each head exchanging gifts with a Primarina!
Image: by Gaboswampert

Requester: tazz
For: DPP LC Viability Rankings
Art Direction: No strong preference, though you should probably include Munchlax in some way as it is the undisputed best Pokemon in the tier (probably Gligar as well, as it is the second). If you'd like the list to accurately convey the good and bad pokemon in some way, contact me at tazz#1609 on disc. I'd also be happy to give direction ideas there; It would be especially cool if the art somehow reflected the fast nature of the tier in some way but idk how to convey that in this request lol.
Image: by femboy

Requester: dex
Art Direction: The direction for this is fairly free, I'd like it to include 2 of the DPP CAPs and 2 BDSP OU relevant mons. Other than that, total free reign.
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: Fish sticks cat
For: Monotype Secret Santa
Art Direction: Delibird making (checking?) a list in the foreground, With mons like Landorus-T, Crobat, Dragonite, Azumarill delivering gifts in the background.
Thank you in advance :blobnom:
Image: by Albatross

Requester: dex
Tournament Name: SS CAP Ghosting Tournament
Projected Deadline: End of November
Art Direction: I would like it to include the three Ghost-type CAPs: Revenankh, Pajantom, and Kitsunoh. Other than that, free reign!
Image: by RavioliQueen

Requester: Magnum
For: SM OU Secret Santa 2021
Art Direction: Some Pokemon from the SM Metagame (Greninja, MLopunny, Tapu Koko etc) exchanging Christmas gifts under a Christmas Tree!

thank you in advance!! ^^
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: avg
For: UU Community Create-A-Team
Art Direction: I'd like to have a construction crew of relevant a few relevant UU Pokemon (Excadrill, Primarina, Zarude) at a construction site
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: maroon
For: Monotype Generations Tour VI
Art Direction: I would like a cool Flying theme for the banner. From left to right gen8, gen7, gen6. I would like the Pokemon to me Galarian Moltres, Mega Aerodactyl, Tornadus-T. Here are some previous banners for inspiration.
made by zephyr2007

made by lyd

made by internet

I would like this by January 30th at the latest, since that's when the signups are starting!
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: jcbc
For: Doubles LC Winter seasonal
Art direction: The idea would be to have Vullaby wearing an actual coat and cubchoo outside at the snow with a snowman with the form of a squirtle somewhere. It has to say Doubles LC Winter Seasonal at the bottom.
Image: by Pissog

Requester: Aqua Jet
For: ORAS Victim of the Week
Art Direction: Ideally a few high-ranking Pokémon on the VR hunting each other. For example, Hippowdon and Mew chasing Metagross-Mega who is chasing a Clefable. No strong preference though, if you have a better idea please let me know!
Image: by b-torterra

Requester: Aqua Jet
For: UU Cores Thread
Art Direction: A few cores that have been proven to be effective in the metagame (which can be found below) would be nice. The artist can take any direction they want with it, but if you'd like some ideas then you could maybe draw them in a restaurant eating together or something akin to that.
Torkoal + Venusaur + Darmanitan
Hatterene / Porygon2 / Cresselia + Marowak-Alola
Primarina + Zarude + Thundurus-Therian
Skarmory + Chansey
Moltres + Zarude + Swampert
Tangrowth + Slowking

Image: by Albatross

Requester: Lily
Tournament name: UUPL X
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): We're only gonna need it from Week 1 because I made some truly incredible stand-in art to tide us over until then. Week 1 should be going up in about 2 weeks from now, most likely February 27th or 28th.
Art Direction: Given this is the 10th edition of UUPL it's pretty special, so it'd be cool to have some "titans" of UU gens in it. These would include:
GSC: Nidoqueen, Granbull, Scyther
ADV: Kangaskhan (nothing else comes close lol)
DPP: Venusaur, Registeel, Milotic
BW: Zapdos, Victini, Roserade, Snorlax, Togekiss, Kingdra, Heracross... there are so many
ORAS: Mega Aerodactyl, Hydreigon, Mienshao. Krookodile
SM: Scizor, Latias, Hydreigon, Mega Aerodactyl, Krookodile
SS: Zarude, Aegislash, Salamence

obviously not expecting all of these haha, at least one of each gen would be cool if possible but certainly not necessary. The phrase "UUPL X" should be somewhere - examples of previous UUPL artworks will be spoilered below for some inspiration.

by Gummy

not sure who drew this one sorry D: i thiiiink HotFuzzBall did?

by HotFuzzBall

this is a lot lol i'm sorry!! if there are any questions feel free to pm me @ Lily#0568, thank you to whoever picks this up <3
Image: by Violet

Requester: Daki
For: Community Create-A-Team project for the Tournaments room.
Art Direction: I would like something referring to Tournaments room (the mascot is Dragonite), the name of the project (Community Create-A-Team and some other mons from various tiers. Beside this, no other specific requests.
Image: by Gaboswampert

Requester: Isaiah
Tournament name: OMPL X
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): March 13th
Art Direction: Just hoping for an impressive/prestigious-looking logo as an "update" of sorts to the logo we've used in previous iterations since this will be the tenth ever! Would also be ideal if this can be used for future OMPLs and feature at least one of the following Pokemon: Eternatus, Tapu Lele, and Piloswine :]
e: should feature "OMPL" somewhere in the logo, forgot to mention bc I'm bad
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: Merritt
Tournament name: LC Classic
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): March 13th
Art Direction: Strongly prefer an LC Pokemon from each of generations 4-7 around the text "LC Classic" so the artwork can be used for each individual cup. Thanks!
Image: by Pissog

Requester: dex (tagging co-host Tuthur)
For: BDSP Premier League
Deadline: April 24th
Art Direction: Up to you mostly! Would appreciate it if some mons like Gliscor and Latios were featured, but direction is pretty free here!
Image: by hoku

Requester: jcbc
Tournament name: Doubles LC Swiss
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): April 10 (Could go flexible on it but ideally by then, when players signup end)
Art Direction: We see Rufflet fighting a Pawniard and in the back we see a huge screen (this would be an announcer) that says rufflet is 2-1 and Pawniard is 1-2 (each occupies half of the screen). The pawn is sweating it while the rufflet has a confident look. It also has to say Doubles LC Swiss somewhere.
For referenxe of what i mean with the screen:
View attachment 416895

Thx to whoever takes it. My discord is jc #9117 for any contact or question abt the drawing.
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: velvet
For: NDAG Teambuilding Competition
Deadline: Would like to have it posted before April 11th so Sunday or before if y’all can. Tysm
Art Direction: Ill leave that up to you guys o/ I would preferably like to have Calyrex-Shadow as the signature Mon of it since it’s very prominent in the meta.
Image: by Kolohe

Requester: Aggrometaile
Tournament name: STAB and Mega Seasonal
Projected Deadline: Signups go live on 14th April (...the artist should just get it done before 21st, i.e, when the signups end...14th is ideal, though)
Art Direction: The mons Regieleki, Garchomp, Magearna or Toxapex(combinations of 2 or more of them: battling each other, maybe?) would look cool in the art. However, since this is a bit last minute, so whoever claims it may take any direction...
Image: by XavierTheCoolDudeX

Requester: Neko + style.css
For: Monothreat Swiss Tour
Deadline: Around April 12-18
Art Direction:
Monothreat means mons of the same type are battling each other, so we would want if its Dragon-types like Duraldon, Mega-Altaria, and Latias duking it out :D
Image: by RavioliQueen

Requester: Monky25
Tournament name: UU TRIO TOUR 3- RAGNAROK
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): May 16 2022 (want to give plenty of time/have it ready beforehand)
Art Direction: Up to the artist really! I'd like it to be super badass and cool-looking though, want it to really fit the theme of RAGNAROK. Since its a 3v3 tournament having the 2 teams of Pokemon face each other could be really cool. I want to see mons like Aegislash, Scizor, Hippowdon, Salamence, Zarude, and Thundurus-Therian as the main six. If it's too much work though lmk and you can stick to scizor, thundurus, and salamence. Thanks in advance to whoever is taking this!
Image: by Gaboswampert

Requester: maroon
Art Direction: Would like Victini and Mew to be the only pokemon in the art. It is a team tour so any direction you decide to go with that in mind is fine by me
Image: by Swiffix

Requester: omi
Art Direction: Up to you, but I think something that features top Pokemon from ORAS, SM and Galar AG (Darkrai, Marshadow and NDM for example) would be cool.
Image: by DreamPrince

Requester: TylerTheMilotic
Tournament name: National Dex Summer Seasonal
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Signups go live June 5th
Art Direction: Not too bothered on the direction taken here, perhaps a Kyurem or Weavile chasing a Garchomp, but the artist can use any mon listed in National Dex if they really want to.
Image: by RavioliQueen

Requester: Reece
For: Other Metagames Good Cores
Art Direction: I don't think i have anything particularly in mind, though, having some cores of Pokemon together doing something would be good. Example being Tapu Koko and Terrakion together in AAA, Galarian Moltres and Mewtwo for Godly Gift - if something like this could be implemented in like a battle/arena scene that could be cool.

Extra note, there isn't exactly a deadline - It just needs to be done before OMPL finishes
Image: by Swiffix

Requester: Nitro Indigo
For: Category Swap, a recently-approved OM.
Art Direction: The banner should show a Salazzle standing next to a blue physical symbol and a Tapu Koko standing next to a red special symbol, with curved arrows between them and the title inbetween. Basically, a more detailed version of this:

Thanks in advance!
Image: by Swiffix

Requester: Rosa
Tournament name: 1v1 World Cup VI
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): May 23rd
Art Direction: Was thinking about a design where an Urshifu (your choice which) lifts up a Regidrago, taking inspiration from one of the designs of the trophies for the actual World Cup.
If you'd like to hash out some potential uncertain details, feel free to message me on Discord (Rosa#0408) or through Smogon conversation
Image: by Meganium1579

Requester: Kaede
Tournament name: SM OU Cup
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Anytime works really, just want something for SM OU Cup going forward since it's never had art before (and i may have forgotten to request this beforehand but thats my bad, maybe next year) but yea no pressure at all to get it out before this edition
Art Direction: Something along the lines of having Ash-Greninja and Magearna, could go however you choose to portray them from there
Image: by Swiffix

Requester: susciety
Tournament name: ORAS OU Cup
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Anytime works really, same reasoning as SM OU cup posted above by Kaede here. Having some art would be really nice since ORAS Cup never had it before. Not a problem if this isn't done by signups (going live on the 10th).
Art Direction: Something with Serperior and Mega-Metagross, portrayed however the artist desires.
Image: by ThatStepStone

Requester: jcbc
Tournament name: Doubles LC Majors
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): 18th of july if possible (but since it kinda flopped over my mind to post earlier, 24th of july is the realistic one)
Art Direction: 2 big boxes containing 4 pokemon from LC doubles (artist preference) and then a bracket on top of it. It also needs to say the name of the tournament somewhere. Feel free to VM or contact me on discord for any further talk about it (jc#9117).
Image: by Swiffix

Requester: dex
For: BDSP OU Ladder Tour
Art Direction: Pretty free reign here, just feature some BDSP OU mons!

The tour starts in 2 weeks, which I realize is much too soon to reasonably request art, but the laddering portion will last for 4 weeks so having it done sometime in there is totally fine. Thank you!
Image: by Swiffix

Requester: mushamu
Project name: SS Monotype Bazaar
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Anytime works really, going to use a placeholder until the art comes so take your time!
Art Direction: Something featuring more niche Pokemon in Monotype like Magneton, Malamar, Galarian Stunfisk, Archeops, Toxtricity and Salazzle, any one of those work and they can be surrounded by more viable Pokemon. Don't really have specific guidelines so it's fine to be creative!
Image: by Swiffix

Requester: Urfgurgle
For: Tag Team Singles, recently approved OM
Art Direction: Something with a Tapu Koko tagging out (like in wrestling) to a Hawlucha either on one side or in the foreground, with either Pelipper + Barraskewda or Ninetales-A + Arctozolt teamed up on the other side / background.
Image: by greenandgrey77

Requester: Lasen
Tournament name: (Ubers) Flying Economy Tour II
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): 8th of August
Art Direction: The tour is a way to showcase underrated and low ranked Pokemon in the Ubers VR-the higher on the VR something is, the more points it costs. If possible, any of the Ubers that are sucky (see: Kyurem formes, Genesect, Palkia, Zamacenta-C, etc) being prominent while the more common mons like Calyrex-S, Yveltal, Necrozma-DM, Eternatus being in the back. A plane motif isn't necessary, the direction can be about the money/cost aspect of Pokemon instead. If this is too vague I am open to try and flesh it out more w/ whoever picks it up.
Thanks in advance!
Image: by Swiffix

Requester: Arishem
For: National Dex UU Good Cores
Art Direction: The emphasis is on teamwork between two or more Pokemon, so I would like something which represents that. My personal preference for the banner involves a dojo setting with a Band Urshifu and Scarf Krookodile (an offensive core I personally really enjoy using in this tier) reveling over a victory against a couple of defeated Pokemon shown in the background of the top right (Buzzwole, Tangrowth, and Salamence). The text above the artwork should say "National Dex UU Good Cores".

If anyone's interested in doing this, you can also add me on discord as Arishem#2853 for further details. Thanks!
Image: by Pissog

Requester: Lily
For: Top 10 Titans of Generation 8 UU
Art Direction: The top 10 titans are, in order: Noivern, Aegislash, Zeraora, Zarude, Amoonguss, Galarian Slowbro, Scizor, Cobalion, Primarina, Chansey. So those 10 Pokemon appearing somewhere would be cool, but otherwise just the top 3 is fine too! or anything honestly, I trust the wonderful artists here to nail it no matter what they do. Maybe something like a fight scene where the top 3 are beating up something else on the list, like Noivern burning a Scizor up with Flamethrower, Aegislash Shadow Balling a Cobalion and Zarude flinging himself at a Primarina lol. Alternatively, if inspiration is needed, I always thought last year's victory screen was cute!

ty in advance feel free to reach out on discord (Lily#3408) if anything more is needed!!
Image: by Swiffix

Requester: Akeras
Tournament Name : 1v1 Alphabet Cup
Project deadline : Urshifu Single-Strike, Whimsicott, and Volcanion on the top, and many letters on the back
Image: by Pissog


Requester: dex and Brambane
Tournament name: CAP Money Tournament
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): September 18 (I know, it is very soon, I am sorry, so only if possible)
Art Direction: Completely open to interpretation, would like it to feature a few CAPs
Image: by martinvtran

Requester: Akeras
Tournament name: AAA LC Cup
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live):
Art Direction: I want to see some of the aaa lc top tiers fighting, like pawniard, foonguss, pancham and lickitung
Image: by greenandgrey77

Requester: AtraX Madara
Tournament Name : NDM Sendoff
Art Direction: Name of the tour and some Pokemons from the VR such as Tapu Lele, Mega Zard Y, Greninja
Image: by sleepyzen

Requester: Kaede
Tournament name: National Dex Last Chance Tournament
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Goes live by October 9th but there's no strict deadline its w/e when it gets done as long as its done some point in the tour, id just be appreciative we have art for the tour going forward :)
Art Direction: Nothing really comes to mind, could prob take one or two mons from the vr but ya power to you for the most part
Image: by Kolohe
View attachment 480273

Requester: Neko
For: Monotype, SS Mono (its currently up here) [Title is "SS Monotype" (or Sword and Shield Monotype, if you think that fits better)]
Art Direction: Nothing in particular, but it would be nice if there would be mons that represent the top types (Landorus-T, Urshifu-R, Dragapult, Tapu Koko, Hatterene, for instance)

Thank you in advance :blobnom:
Image: by Albatross

Requester: jcbc
For: SV Doubles Little Cup main thread
Art Direction: Something that includes "SV Doubles Little Cup" with Misdreavus, Gastly and Drifloon. (it could perfectly be spooky themed since all 3 are ghosts). I'm not picky whatever the artist makes will be good for sure ^^
Image: by RavioliQueen

Requester: dave
For: Congregation of the Masses’ Cong Info, Rules, & Updates
Art Direction: Something signifying community, congregation, socializing; if there are Pokemon involved, preference toward those representing nature such as butterflies (see: social butterfly), but please get creative with it!
Image: by RavioliQueen

Requester: jcbc
For: SV Doubles LC Viability Rankings
Art Direction: Something that includes "SV Doubles LC Viability Ranking" with a conquest type of thing with 4 judges (Lechonk, Riolu, Treecko and Tentacool) giving their notes from 1 to 5. And then a fuecoco who is the one being judged.
Image: by Albatross

Requester: Theia
Tournament name: Smogon Draft Kickoff Tour
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): December 5-10ish if possible
Art Direction: Just the tournament name and a few of the stronger Paldea mons like Roaring Moon, Iron Valiant, and/or Iron Bundle, but ofc leaving stuff up to artist discretion

Thank you so much in advance!
Image: by Gaboswampert

Requestor: Sulo
For: SV UU Cores
Art Direction: Now, I want this to pay homage to Albatross's previous piece with SS UU Cores. For this one, I'd like the balance core of Scream Tail + Quagsire pointing down towards a road, with a sign above it that says "SV UU Cores". The road would preferably be in the middle, with one Pokemon on each side. The rest of the scene is totally up to the artist; thanks in advance!
Image: by royalfluxh

Requestor: Aggrometaile
For: Voltturn Mayhem
[a newly approved Other Metagame]
Art Direction: Nothing specific really, but I'll give some mons to pick from: Skeledirge, Toxapex, Slowking, Torkoal, Dragapult [any 2 or 3 of them works, but 'Voltturn Mayhem' should be mentioned clearly]
Image: by royalfluxh

Requester: AtraX Madara
For: SV Monotype Speed Tiers
Art Direction: Just the above text + some fast and slow mons FE: Jolteon, Meowscarada (if possible), Staraptor, Ursaring, Fagirafarig (if possible)
Image: by Pissog

Requester: luisin
For: Scarlet & Violet BSS Discussion
Art Direction: Something with the new Pokémon (preferably the starters, final evo pls) in a battle or in a discussion, I'll leave it to the artist's discretion!
Image: by RavioliQueen

Requestor: Mirbro
For: ZU Olympiads I
Art Direction: This will be the first iteration of this team tour. It will around old gens so you I would like to request an art thing around ZU Pokemon from any gen (from SS to GSC) and also involving something about olympiads (maybe Greek columns? idk). About Pokemon, the artist that wanna take this, I can explain or recommend some Pokemon.
Image: by skrimps

Requester: Theia
Tournament name: SS Winter and Summer Seasonals
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): January 8th (I'm sorry this is such short notice I keep forgetting we need art for things please don't rush)
Art Direction: A pair of matching logos, one that says "SS OU Winter Seasonal" with a prominent SS OU Ice-type like Weavile or Ninetales-Alola and the other that says "SS OU Summer Seasonal" and a prominent SS OU Fire-type like Volcarona or Heatran

Again I'm so so sorry for the short notice >.<
Image: by Kiwi


Requester: Aberforth
Tournament name: SV Ubers Seasonal artwork
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): January 9th (This does not need to be for day one of signups, please dont feel under a tight deadline or pressure because of me forgetting to request earlier)
Art Direction: The text saying SV Ubers Seasonal, preferably with a Miraidon and/or Koraidon.
Image: by Low-Key

Requester: tazz
For: LC Winter League
Art Direction: This is a new all CG tournament, so something with the major new additions combined with a winter theme would go nicely (the winter theme is optional; as long as there are new lc mons and the title of the tournament we're good). Those are: Nymble, Quaxly, Toedscool, Glimmet and Girafarig (who may not be with us for long). Other viable additions you could include if you find them cute are Greavard, Shroodle, Maschiff, Fuecoco, and Tinkatink.
Image: by Alcor

Requester: jcbc
For: Doubles LC Role Compendium
Art Direction: 2 gangs compelled by on one side foongus meditite and gothita and another one made by impidimp shroodle and glimmet. with sv dlc role compendium somewhere. feel free to message me to farther develop or talk. ill give the artist much freedom anyways.
Image: by Alcor

Requester: Greybaum
For: SV NFE Resources (gen 8 thread; it'll look pretty similar)
Art Direction: This is going to have the viability rankings, role compendium, speed tiers etc. for the generation. Must have "NFE Resources" prominently showing and obviously include NFE mons, but aside from that I'll leave it to artist's discretion. Maybe Tinkatuff and a friend constructing a sign? I'll drop some good utility mons below to pick from:
Tinkatuff, Dunsparce, Crocalor, Gabite, Glimmet, Toedscool, Fletchinder, Quaxwell
Image: by martinvtran

requester: Rage
For: RoA Global Championships
Art direction: Text just says RoA Global Chamionship, with Clefable and Dragapult battling, maybe in like a dojo or something, with the Global Champ trophy (teal) in the background

the old design below: we figured a more general art would possibly be better / less work
Image: by Alcor

Requester: Kaede
Tournament name: National Dex Seasonal
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): signups went up today technically but whenever possible is fine, not strict or anything with when we get it since late
Art Direction: probably something with mega lopunny, kingambit, great tusk, gholdengo, dragapult, tornadus-therian. no specific direction so i'll leave it up to you on the direction, feel free to use any of those mons in any amount, whether you leave out some or add some not mentioned, if any more details needed feel free to pm
Image: by royalfluxh

Requester: Atha
For: Almost Any Ability money tournament signup deadline is Sunday 5th of February, midnight GMT
Art Direction: A stylized logo with one or multiple of Corviknight, Gholdengo, Great Tusk. You can take inspiration from this one, for example (feel free tho).
Image: by royalfluxh

Requester: luisin
Tournament name: Battle Stadium Singles World Cup
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Signups opens on February 27
Art Direction: Something with Gholdengo/Flutter Mane/Dragonite/Iron Bundle with a Pokemon Trophy and some flags of the rest of the world (an example would be the logo of Monotype World Cup
Image: by Swiffix

Requester: Aqua Jet
For: SV UU Team Bazaar
Art Direction: A good theme for this one would be rain; maybe have Pelipper sitting in the background with Floatzel and Barraskewda in front of it going to town on an Armarouge and Quagsire? You're free to take any direction on this -- this is just a suggestion incase the person who takes this hits artist's block.
Image: by royalfluxh

Requester: Aqua Jet
For: SV RU Team Bazaar
Art Direction: You're free to take any direction you desire, but it would be ideal if some meta-defining Pokemon like Haxorus and Tauros-Fire were included.
Image: by royalfluxh

Requester: hidingflames
For: National Dex Set Compendium
Art Direction: I'd like to see Pokemon like Magearna, Iron Hands, Gholdengo, and Tornadus-T all in a library reading books on what items/moves they should run, with a sign saying "National Dex Set Compendium" in the top middle. You can look at the Set Compendium for some ideas for the labels on the books, like for example, Gholdengo reading a book called "Choice Scarf". Feel free to add anything to the scene!
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: romanji
For: SV UU Lure That Threat
Art Direction: A Talonflame is in the center of the picture, scared of rocks being held by Bisharp, Hawlucha, and Gallade.
Image: by Kolohe

Requester: Kaede
Tournament name: SS National Dex Cup
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): February 19th but whenever is fine really
Art Direction: Direction is all you, just include weavile, heatran, and mega lopunny somewhere
Image: by ii77

Requester: jcbc
For: Doubles LC Winter seasonal
Art direction: The idea would be to have Rufflet wearing an actual coat and cubchoo outside at the snow with a Snoversomewhere. It has to say Doubles LC Winter Seasonal somewhere too.
Request Deadline: February 26th
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: Feliburn
For: Rarely Used Premier League
Art direction: I didn't have anything specific in mind, but something similar to the UUPL art that showcases the more popular Pokémon throughout the gens with the "RUPL" logo seems cool. Artist is free to take their own direction, but I can always give pointers if needed.


If there's an issue with drawing any of the mons, or if it looks too saturated, then feel free to PM me no prob. I'd be happy to hear the different direction you'd rather take or suggestions about the request if that helps.
Image: by Zephyri

Requester: Tjb145
For: Draft League Classic: ORAS Cup, USUM Cup, SWSH Cup (Please note I am requesting three pieces of artwork)
Project Deadline (signups go live):
ORAS Cup: 27th February
USUM Cup: 20th March
SWSH Cup: 10th April
Art Direction: ORAS-
Mega Gardevoir + Keldeo, with the ORAS Cup wording
USUM- Similar idea (change wording) just with Tapu Koko + Celesteela
SWSH- Garchomp + Tornadus-Therian, same deal applies
Would love for Draft league classic labelling to be on all three but if this needs to be removed due to spacing difficulty can be removed

Thank you so much for this, and sorry for requesting multiple pieces of art work at once. Looking forward to seeing the final product!

Edit: Changed the mons for the SWSH cup, change of mind by the staff. Apologies for this
Image: by Swiffix



Requester: Lily
Tournament name: UUPL XI
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): February 19th (we already drafted oops I thought we requested earlier... but there's a gap week!!) don't worry if it's later, this is totally our fault and we can use a placeholder
Art Direction: As long as it says "UUPL XI" somehwere (or UU Premier League XI, or whatever fits better) then it's no problem. Some SV UU mons being present in the art like Pawmot, Tinkaton, Grafaiai or Slither Wing would be great too!

i'm super sorry about how late this is!! there's no rush at all tho i promise please don't stress for us u-u
Image: by Fusion Flare

Requester: Lunala
For: SV Ubers Set Compendium
Art Direction: Something like Koraidon and Miraidon facing each other with Koraidon wearing a Choice Band and Miraidon wearing a Choice Specs. I understand that both are very detailed designes so if there's any trouble with this Palafin with a Choice Band and Flutter Mane with a Choice Specs would also work as well.
Image: by Pissog

Requester: InsaneGlitch
For: National Dex Ubers Viability Rankings, Sample Teams, and Meta Discussion Threads
Art Direction: I was thinking of using some of the pokemon from the tier. Primal Groudon, Necrozma-Dusk-Mane, Koraidon, Arceus-Normal, Arceus-Ground, Arceus-Fairy, Ho-oh, Zygarde-Complete, Xerneas, Yveltal, Rayquaza, Smeargle, Necrozma-Ultra, Giratina, Marshadow, Zacian-Crowned, Palkia and Dialga Origin forms for their first debut. Im not looking for all of them to be used, but a healthy selection is always nice. Looking for something that pops and brings the reader's attention.

Note: This is 3 separate images.
by Gaboswampert



Requester: anaconja
For: National Dex Balanced Hackmons
Art Direction: current banner is outdated (greninja-ash doesnt exist anymore), so i wanted to get a new one.
id like to get arceus (basically ndbh's mascot) plus some meta staples on it like these (you can pick any number of these, just at least 3):
- orichalcum pulse zacian-c
- hadon engine miraidon
- intrepid sword groudon-primal
- ice scales dialga-origin
- fur coat/prankster/regenerator zygarde-complete
- protean mewtwo-mega-x
- magic guard mewtwo-mega-y
- imposter chansey

thanks a lot in advance
Image: by Fancy1

Requester: PQRDG
For: Tera Donation (New OM)
Art Direction: One Pokemon is Terastylized and wearing the big obvious hat for it. It has a pile of smaller hats that it is handing off to the rest of the team. My original idea was Maushold (parents at the back watching the kids carry a pile of gem hats bigger than they are) but any Pokemon team composition will do (restricted to Gen 9 Dex). If at least one other Pokemon is wearing the smaller crown, and it looks like more of the party is waiting in line to get theirs too, that would be above and beyond.
Image: by XavierTheCoolDudeX

Requester: avarice
For: SV UU Creative and Underrated Sets
Art Direction: Tinkaton but with a Sword (or some kinda swords dance ref) could b neat
Image: by Gaboswampert

Requester: Mashing
RoA Slam
Art direction: The idea would be to have the text RoA Slam on the center, having Mewtwo, Munchlax ,Granbull and Xatu facing eachother off
Request Deadline: 10th of March
Image: by Arya

Requester: Lalaya
Tournament name: BDSP Grand Slam
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): March 13 (The first tournaments of the Slam)
Art Direction: possibly a shadow (but a bit detailed, to give it the sense of regality while being imposing) figure of Arceus behind the "BDSP Grand Slam" logo, with some smaller Pokemon figures on the sides that could be actually drawn and "covered" for each of the Open represented (like for the UU Open logo, every Pokemon would be faded out and shadowed except the UU representative), IF this variance is possible (doing the pic one time, but covering the mons to make six different pics, so to say)
I'll list the mons if this is possible, thank you :3
Image: by Pissog

Requester: ishtar
For: SV RU Creative and Underrated Sets
Art Direction: Choice Band Goodra fighting a Choice Specs Alomomola. Make em look VERY slimy, thank you!!!
Image: by Fancy1

Requester: Theia
Tournament name: RBY Majors, GSC Majors, ADV Majors, ORAS Majors, SM Majors
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): August 20th
Art Direction: Would like to have a few prominent Pokemon from each generation's OU featured in each artwork (i.e. Chansey and Tauros for RBY, Snorlax and Zapdos for GSC, etc.) and the text stating which gen i.e. RBY Majors

This is a bunch of art that I'm requesting since these are new tours to RoA this year, so I'm requesting waaaaay ahead of time, please don't rush.

Thanks so much in advance!
Image: by Pissog



Requester: dex
For: CAP Ladder Tournament III
Art Direction: Whatever you want tbh, just gotta have some CAPs
Time: 3-4 weeks hopefully but all g if you need longer
Image: by Gaboswampert

Requester: UT
Tournament name: OMPL XI
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): April 30th
Art Direction: As long as it has OMPL XI in the art, we can be very flexible. Some mons that currently represent OMs well include Miraidon, Iron Valiant, Great Tusk, Garganacl, and plenty others if you have other ideas (would love it to be a gen9 mon). Some recent examples we’ve been really happy with include here and here.
Image: by Blazenix

Requester: Itchy
For: 1v1 Fight Nights
Art Direction: This will be a forum project to showcase high-level 1v1 battles, inspired by OU's similarly-named project. I'd like to see highly ranked Fighting-types (both SV and various oldgens) like Annihilape, Iron Valiant, Mega Lopunny, or Sawk incorporated into the art. Ideally this gets done before Monday the 17th, since the plan is to release the project after our Old Gen PL which is currently in finals. Any questions can be directed to me here on Smogon or on Discord as Itchy#2792
Image: by Fancy1

Requester: zastra
For: ndot good cores
Art Direction: pretty flexible tbh, it should just have NDOT Good Cores written properly. it may have mons like primal groudon or arceus (whichever fits) (nd ubers), mega mewtwo y or arceus (again, whichever fits) (ndbh), vullaby (ndlc), and scizor (ndru).
Image: by IoSonoNeon

Requester: Sjneider
For: Smogon Chess server (if you're interested in joining, please pm me)
Art Direction: Would like to have a few Chess-themed Pokemon in the artwork (i.e. Mudsdale/Glastrier as the knight but I have full faith in your judgment here so would love to see your creativity) and the text stating "Smogon Chess"
Needed for: April 20
Image: by smokeyinferno

Requester: jcbc
Doubles LC Speed Tier
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): So far as it gets done in a reasonable time, all the artist needs.
Art Direction: Voltorb, Cyndaquil and Pawniard doing warm ups for a run, wearing some hoodies (or in the case of voltorb a bandana ig) which say 20, 17 and 16 respectively. It also needs to say somewhere Doubles LC Speed tier
Image: by b-torterra

Requester: rien
For: sv pu viability rankings
Art Direction: i think it can be cool to have two vertical beams on each side, one gravitating a pokemon up and on the other side a distraught mon freefalling. maybe raichu and lycanroc-m respectively? fancy title text in the middle. super crude mockup of the idea. open to other ideas as well if u have any

no deadline, ty in advance!!
Image: by IoSonoNeon

Requester: Kaede
Tournament name: National Dex Ladder Tournament
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): tomorrow but in no rush to get it. whenever works
Art Direction: Was thinking an Iron Valiant and Clodsire fighting with each other some way. Maybe since its a ladder tour they can be fighting on a ladder, where ival is at the bottom and clod is blocking him at the top.
Image: by RavioliQueen

Requester: Lasen + rest of Ubers mod team
For: Ubers Discord banner + custom invite link
Art Direction: We decided we'd like to have Kyogre, either a goofy plushie type or just a serious Kyogre. Up to you! Only stipulation is that we'd like it to be in a 16:9 aspect ratio. We'd probably like a version that has "Ubers Discord" written and one that doesn't just so we can have the banner w/o text and invite link to include it (properly).
Needed for: Whenever the artist gets back to us :)
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: prunyy
For: Force of the Fallen Other Metagame banner art
Art Direction: Maybe like a fainting Tinkaton giving its hammer to like a Kingambit and an Iron Treads, signifying giving the Gigaton Hammer move. Or like a fainting Roaring Moon giving scales to a Garchomp. You can get creative with this, but try not to take anything from the banlist or watchlist and make sure the fainting aspect of the premise is there. Thanks!

Edit: This has been taken already.
Image: by IMakeNoSense

Requester: flying moose
For: Flipped banner art
Art Direction: Flipped is an OM where stats are flipped from their conventionally presented order, so that for example, Chansey now has 50/105/35/5/5/250 stats, making it a blazingly fast physical attacker as opposed to the special wall it is in standard. The banner art should reflect the new, very different niche of one or more pokemon. Some other ideas include an example of an incredibly bulky wall such as:Espeon::Dragapult::Iron Moth::Salazzle::Gholdengo::Volcarona:, or a very potent special attacker such as:Avalugg::Torkoal::Skeledirge::Kingambit::Ting Lu::Iron Hands: (the last two are also extremely fast, while the first two are extremely frail). Please note that :Sylveon::Cyclizar: are also great at exemplifying the new roles of the metagame but I am concerned they may end up being banworthy, making them potentially less ideal subjects.
Image: by b-torterra

Requester: Acehunter1
For: Doubles LC Sample Teams
Art Direction: The current idea is to do something similar to the Super Smash Bros character selection screen, with 8 icons containing Pokemon to choose from. The featured Pokemon would be Foongus, Mudbray, Surskit, Snover, Tinkatink, Growlithe, one of Gothita/Meditite, and one of Finneon/Wingull. Open to other suggestions of art ideas/Pokemon too, you can contact me on Discord (Acehunter1#8971).
Needed for: Ideally by July 2nd, could be flexible if needed.
Image: by Fancy1

Requester: Isaiah
Tournament name: Almost Any Ability Premier League I
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): July 23rd earliest, could be July 30th
Art Direction: Only mandatory things are that it should have "AAAPL" and a Zapdos in it (if it can somehow have primordial sea and/or magic bounce in art form, that would be neat); other Pokemon that could be used for additional inspiration are Desolate Land Heatran, Aerilate Noivern, and an Intimidating Corviknight
Image: by Fancy1

Requester: Frozoid
Tournament name: Ubers Seasonal
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Signup thread goes live july 17th but we need it at max by week 2 (around 30th july)
Art Direction: would love to have notable ubers pokemon ( for example: koraidon, miraidon, etc) with "Ubers Seasonal" written on it.
please and thank you!
Image: by RavioliQueen

Requester: Hiusi guy
For: 350 Cup om banner art
Art direction: A track field with voltorb-h racing regieleki and Voltorb winning, staraivia and talonflame flying together, and meditite flexing on palafin-heron in the background.
Please and thank you :)
Image: by IMakeNoSense

Requester: AyushKr_1109

For: SV OU Next Best Thing

Art Direction: I believe my previous idea was way too complex, so here's a much simpler & cleaner one.

The art concept should be the same as that of the last gen.
This gen, I want Rotom-Wash :Rotom-Wash: to hold our poster. Rotom-Wash holds a T-Shirt in his hands, on which "The Next Best Thing" is written. Any other additions by the artist is heartly welcomed.

Also, since we'll be resuming the project (after pausing it for 2 weeks) on October 1st, so if possible, I'd like to have it before that, though delay is totally fine & no need to hurry for this.

Image: by XavierTheCoolDudeX

Requester: Rarelyme
For: RU Cup
Deadline: Sunday 24th (before players signups)
Art Direction: Would be cool to have a cup and two Pokemon pulling each side to try and grab it, few ideas for the two mons: bellibolt, krookodile, slither wing, typhlosion-hisui and flamigo could fit well. It would be great to have "ru cup" written somewhere as well. Thanks a lot guys ^^
Image: by RavioliQueen

Requester: Tuthur
Tournament name: ZeroUsed Swiss
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Signups are already live and I forgot to request an art.
Art Direction: ZU mons. Tier Shifts might take us away some stuffs like Piloswine, Gligar, and Sneasel, as well as potential quickbans that may happen afterwards. So I'd prefer if you could talk to me about the mons you plan to use.
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: berry
For: Other Metagames Livetour Circuit
Art Direction: Breaking News Broadcast-type art with a Garchomp acting as the news reporter. Please include "OM Livetours" in one of the main headings.
Image: by IoSonoNeon

Requester: SergioRules
For: ADV PU Resources
Art Direction: ADV PU mons. I'd like to have at least Minun, Mawile, and Marshtomp for sure but feel free to take from the higher ranks of our Viability Rankings in this post where you can also find our old art (avoid Swalot, there's a small possibility of tiering action). Any other design choices are totally up to the artist!

Our existing art was done many years ago by HotFuzzBall and I still like it but the tier has changed a lot so I think our art should have a more updated look as well.
Image: by IoSonoNeon

Requester: Akiak
For: Orre Singles (Bring6Pick3 ADV singles, inspired by the ruleset in Pokemon Colosseum & XD)
Art Direction: Just Salamence and Metagross fighting each other, with no text and no background.
Image: by IoSonoNeon

Requester: RoyalReloaded
For: Monotype Teambuilding Workshop
Art Direction: Chien-Pao (instead of swords for teeth they are pencils) drawing on a piece of paper accompanied by the text "Monotype Teambuilding Workshop". He can be drawing anything, even scribbles is totally cool. Thank you so much in advance!
Image: by IMakeNoSense

Requester: AyushKr_1109
For: SV OU Good Cores
Art Direction: The art idea is derived from a popular post DLC core in Alolan-Ninetales + Manaphy! Both of them being magnificent by themselves probably makes them a great subject for banner!

The idea is quite simple, just need to include both of them together. Maybe a Manaphy happily riding Alolan-Ninetales (both of them should be happy :-D). SV OU: Good Cores should be written somewhere! Any other addition is welcomed!
Image: by Gaboswampert

Requester: Kinesquared
For: UUbers Fan Tier Banner Art
Art Direction: Palkia-Origin is the tier mascot, and other common 'mons are palafin, cyclizar, zacian-hero, dialga, chi-yu, skymin, and arceus (if you use it, use bug form it's funny). The art could be palkia-o plus one or two of any of those other 'mons, no need to draw them all. In terms of what they're doing, maybe just mexican standoff-ish looking at each other, with "UUbers" in the center? idk it's highly flexible, as long as it's widescreen/banner art format. Feel free to DM and discuss!
Image: by IoSonoNeon

Requester: DugZa
Tournament name: Monotype Last Chance
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): The tournament has already started but we forgot to get art sorted out :psygrump:
Art Direction: No preference really, if possible it'd be cool to have a Monotype theme to it but otherwise totally up to the artist's discretion; it's the last circuit tour of the Monotype circuit and a last shot at qualifying for playoffs if that helps with ideas
Image: by IoSonoNeon

Requester: Fener
For: Topic about Mew Competitivity across the gens
Art Direction: Just Mew, any other additions by the artist is welcomed.
Image: by IoSonoNeon

requester: Arase (diegoblu, currently watching on my name change on forum)
for: upcoming Monotype Resource (its almost done im just getting it prepared and getting a banner for it)
name of the thread: Monotype Sets Compendium

art directory: since this is like a catalog of sets for all the viable mons we were thinking something along the lines of a dragonite looking at a catalog/piece of paper or whatever + iron valiant either behind the dragonite or in the side also looking at the thing with dragonite. the reason for these 2 mons is that they are the ones with the most sets, if they dont work together i can name other mons if needed. this is the idea but ill leave it up to the discretion of the artist in case they can think of something better or more doable
Image: by Fusion Flare

Greetings, Workshop staff! I hope everyone is doing well in here. I'm posting to request art for Draft League's tournaments for the next calendar year as our circuit schedule just got published earlier today:

The dates for each tournament as well as each pokemon are listed in the OP of the thread above as well as an example of how we've gotten art to look in the past. We're hoping that an ambitious artist will want to knock out all of the art for our next calendar year in one big swipe (so that everything looks cohesive and of the same rough style) but totally understand if it's too tall a task for any one individual. Please drop me a line if there is confusion or if i can help in any way. Thank you for your time!
Image: by IMakeNoSense

I feel it's been long enough to make this (hopefully) happen now:

Requester: Isaiah
For: Unofficial Metagames
Art Direction: basically just a banner to put in the main thread. This can go in just about any direction as long as it says "Unofficial Metagames" somewhere!
Image: by Gaboswampert

Requester: LpZ
For: ADV RU main thread banner
Art Direction: We want a remake of Abbey Road's album cover but instead of the guys from The Beatles crossing the road it would be Politoed, Magmar, Primeape and Banette, with "ADV RU" written on their left (behind them with our perspective), like it is part of the road.
Image: by Gaboswampert

Requester: LpZ
For: BW PU Thread
Art Direction: We would like an art with Beheeyem charging an attack in the back ready to aim on Zebstrika, Monferno and Vileplume as these 3 mons run for their life desperately, these are some of the mons that represent the tier the most. Preferably it would look even better if the background was just a grassy natural place at night.
Image: by IoSonoNeon

Requester: matte (me!)
For: SV Overused, its for a secret santa project.
Art Direction: I'm pretty unsure on what I want, but I would say stick to OU tier mons, celebrating xmas around a tree (maybe its snowing too?) maybe they are having fun w each other or opening presents. Feel free to choose whatever mons, but kingambit as Santa would be cool :worrywhirl: .

I would need this done in about a week, i hope thats enough time.

I was hoping to ask IMakeNoSense to do it, i love your art style! (feel free to say no). Would you please grant my xmas wish :)

P.S. Other artists please pick it up if u want if they don't wanna :)

Requester: zastra
For: NDOT teambuilding competition
Art Direction: anything is fine as long as it has 3 or more of primal groudon, sandy shocks, xerneas / chansey, mienfoo, and servine. the text "NDOT teambuilding competition" should be present.
Image: by IoSonoNeon
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Kaiju Bunny

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Completed Requests part V
Requester: Merritt (Little Cup Subforum)
For: Little Cup Tournament Circuit 2024
Art Direction: This is mainly intended to be the primary piece for both the circuit as a whole but also as a tournament banner for about 3 other LC circuit tournaments. Only real request is that it features Little Cup pokemon that are around in Gen 9 (since previous gens don't feature much into the circuit) but if inspiration strikes around some old gen mons that's alright too.

Art for previous years in the hide below to give an idea of what we've had before:

credit grape tylenol

credit HotFuzzBall

credit HotFuzzBall

credit banned user

Image: by Deka

Requester: Dead by Daylight
For: National Dex: The Lunatic's Workshop
Art Direction: maybe like a Galarian Slowbro holding a couple of vials and laughing maniacally? don't really have a major idea in mind, so free rein - just something that looks a little like a lunatic

Thanks in advance.
Image: by IoSonoNeon

Requester: Itchy (1v1 forum)
Tournament name: 1v1 2023 Circuit Championships
Projected Deadline (thread goes live): December 31st
Art Direction: I'd like for it to feature some DLC mons (current confirmed list) since that's the meta that's gonna be played then. Something like Primarina / Metagross + anything good in current meta would be a fine starting place (or, if you're comfortable waiting until after the DLC comes out to see what's good then, that's fine too)
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: roxie
Tournament name: NU Seasonal I [Prize TBD] hosted by me & Seraphz
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): asap when art is done etern
Art Direction: I need a very consistent logo that can be reused for future nu seasonals. My discord is “noxiousroxie” I am available to commission
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: velvet
Tournament name: CAPCL III
Projected Deadline: w1 started but would preferably like it by the end of w1 or beginning of w2 so around January 21st or 22nd should be ok. If this is a bit early of a deadline lmk, wouldn’t mind it being later.
Art Direction: Would like the latest implement of CAP33 (Cresceidon) in the middle of the art with the CAPCL III logo above it. Tysm in advance :>
Image: by Kiwi

Requester: dex & Clementine
Tournament name: SS OU Suspect Money Tournament
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Signups will be going up in the next month or two.
Art Direction: We will be hosting an SS OU money tournament but with Cinderace legal and Heavy-Duty Boots illegal. Something featuring Cinderace would be coolio!
Image: by DaWolfKid

Requester: velvet
Tournament name: 2024 CAP Winter Seasonal
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): Signups will be going up tonight, but by r1 should be fine -> February 18th.
Art Direction: 2024 CAP Winter Seasonal title at the bottom (under the cap mon), as for cap mon me thinks Cawmodore with a santa hat could be fun if possible, tyvm.
Image: by Gaboswampert

Requester: Voltix
For: Doubles LC 2024 Circuit
Art Direction: The art is mainly intended to be the banner of every tour of the circuit. I would like to give the artist full freedom about the concept, but ideally the art should feature Doubles LC Pokemon like Girafarig, Misdreavus, Stantler, Cutiefly, Vullaby, Foongus, Grookey, etc... any other pokemon from the Tier 2 or even Tier 3 of the Viability Ranking (link given) should work as well. Any doubts or suggetions, you can DM me or contact me on discord (voltix#2487)
Needed for: Ideally by February 26th or March 4th if possible.

Image: by Gaboswampert

Requester: velvet
For: SS OU Creative & Underrated Sets
Art Direction: I think having Dragapult in the art would be nice with a scarf around it (choice scarf set essentially) and Corviknight next to it. Tysm :>
Image: by sakenjane

Requester: Rarelyme
For: SV RU Tera Index
Art Direction: Zarude with a Tera taking the shape of a ? on its head. Zarude could be like peeking at the bottom of the rectangle and looking up at the ? or we could see its full body and it would be scratching its chin looking kinda lost. I would also like it to have "SV RU Tera Index" visibly written somewhere. No real deadline as well :)
Image: by Gaboswampert

Requester: velvet
For: Victim of the Week (SS OU)
Art Direction: was thinking smth like Heatran and Urshifu facing each other with the title above them. Should have this out during the weekend or Monday (February 24-26th)
Image: by sakenjane

Requester: Lou (me)
For: BBP's Battle Tree OP.
Art Direction: A trainer and their Pokemon doze peacefully beneath a monumental tree. What might they imagine?

The thread linked is outdated, and the finished piece would be used as the header for its Gen 9 replacement. However, it's still going to be the same style of play as before, so the linked thread is still a good starting point. If it helps, here's an example challenge where a player is expected to both write for and battle against the referee. The Battle Tree has a more relaxed place of play compared to BBP's other battle facilities; so the piece should reflect that mood.

The best reference for this sort of scene might be found in the TCG—they have made an effort to include this sort of slice-of-life scene in full-art cards recently, rather than only battle-focused scenes.

If the piece is made to be a bit wider than 16:9, that would make the thread more pleasant to view on both mobile (where it would dominate less of the screen) and PC (where users would be able to enjoy its detail).

This request doesn't have any particular deadline.
Image: by greenandgrey77

Requester: Itchy (1v1 forum)
Tournament name: 1v1 Swiss
Projected Deadline (Sign-Up thread goes live): March 17th
sorry about the time crunch, this should have gone up a while ago
Mock up and description courtesy of TD crucify

A mountain with a Swiss flag on top of it, but the mountain is Archaludon, with Gouging Fire perched on the mountain bc its kinda like a mountain lion

If this is not possible in the timeframe, feel free to simplify
Image: by greenandgrey77
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hello, id like to request art for the Smogon Quote Database. Idk what would be in it, i think maybe some sort of goofy ass librarian or something. Use ur imagination.
How about something like this

It would use the same color scheme as Rotom and would be of course way cleaner via vectors and the words would say quote database.

edit: i added color to the sketch to show you what it will look like (still rough, the colors sill be solid and the lines will be much more visable)
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Hey, I'd like a request for an OM I posted, RBY LC.

I don't know how to describe it really, just do your magic with top threats like Slowpoke, Abra, or Gastly!
it says to flood this with wip's so here's a work in progress:

anything you'd like me to change? (ill be changing some things myself so dont use this yet)
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Arhops nah, just do your thing!

I would love it if either one of the Pokemon would be sucking a binkie though, that would add a nice touch lol.


the entire waruda machine
Something for Type Remix if you'd please :)

EDIT: what I would like to see would be some of the normal OU threats (Aegislash and Talonflame) with their new typings (Water/Fighting and Fire/Water respectively), along with the words Type Remix in the center. If you'd like, you could put Water/Dragon Pikachu near the words as well, but that is entirely up to you. I'm not particularly picky about the style or colors you use.
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Gonna need to quote this guideline again:

- Be as detailed as you'd like with the requests. While there are some artists that may have ideas of their own to tackle your request, I can assure you that the majority of our artists appreciate if they have suggestions on what Pokemons you'd like in the picture, what they should be doing, what the text should say, or any other detail that brings the point home.
Those of you making requests, check the OP again. A request with close to no description is fine and all, but you don't actually help the artist create something tailormade for your particular project or thread. What's the main idea behind it? What Pokemon are front runners of this new thing you have? What setting or props would you like see being used? What style? Colors? Anything! If you don't ellaborate on what you'd like to see, then you relinquish your right to object if the final image isn't to your liking.


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Hopefully this isn't a stupid question, but if one of the requests has already been completed, is it still permissible to work on a submission for that request anyway? I have some ideas, but I'm not sure if they would still be taken into consideration if the request has already been fulfilled by someone.


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Hopefully this isn't a stupid question, but if one of the requests has already been completed, is it still permissible to work on a submission for that request anyway? I have some ideas, but I'm not sure if they would still be taken into consideration if the request has already been fulfilled by someone.
Not a stupid question. In fact, it's something that I forgot to address. In the other thread, Art for Tournaments, we generally allow plenty of users to submit their work since it's possible to use multiple images during the course of the tour. But in the case of this thread, only one image ends up being used, which means that all of the submitted images compete for the same slot. So basically, anyone is free to create another image even though the request was recently fulfilled (as in, within a day or two), but if the requester is content with the previous image and maybe even already using it, then odds are that additional submissions aren't that neccessary. So sadly, there may be some feelings of disappointment when people with ideas get beaten by other entries, or when artists have their work getting switched with another submission, but I hope that everyone can be good sports about it, and not beat yourself down if your image ends up unused. Although it deserves to be mentioned that even unused images can count towards being rewarded with a community or artist badge.


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Something for Type Remix if you'd please :)

EDIT: what I would like to see would be some of the normal OU threats (Aegislash and Talonflame) with their new typings (Water/Fighting and Fire/Water respectively), along with the words Type Remix in the center. If you'd like, you could put Water/Dragon Pikachu near the words as well, but that is entirely up to you. I'm not particularly picky about the style or colors you use.
I made you this, kinda like it, kinda don't.

(dont forget you can wait for other people to make you art if you want to see other options!)
also i found out i hate drawing aegis
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the party is December 18th
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Arhops , that looks amazing! I know it isn't my choice, but I just wanna add that I feel as though the Water and Fighting Arm stands out way too much. I think if you use the Blue already in the piece, and then a more subtle read, it will tie in better. :)


the entire waruda machine
I made you this, kinda like it, kinda don't.

(dont forget you can wait for other people to make you art if you want to see other options!)
also i found out i hate drawing aegis
I like it! Putting this in the OP now :P


Professor Layton's Little Brother
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Arhops , that looks amazing! I know it isn't my choice, but I just wanna add that I feel as though the Water and Fighting Arm stands out way too much. I think if you use the Blue already in the piece, and then a more subtle read, it will tie in better. :)
Thanks for the feedback!

Pikachuun you can use this version instead if you like it more than the original:


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